Sankalp Ek Prayas Society, Bhilai - Garima

Project Brief: 1. Academic Support for 1500 girls in 60 villages of Bhilai, Chattisgarh to reduce dropouts
2. Material Support for Health Hygiene / Free Sanitary Napkins
3. Gender-Responsive Teaching through 12 Life
Project Type: Community Based Interventions (description)
Primary Focus: girls (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Shruti Motiwale
Project Partner(s): Parimal Sinha
Other Contacts:
Tel: 011 91 9425553681
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Sep 2022AustinUSD 8901
Jun 2022AustinUSD 9257
Feb 2022AustinUSD 10282
Sep 2021AustinUSD 10280

Total = $38720

Problem Description:
The problem statement is an outcome of the survey done during March-2021 in 60 target villages of Bhilai-Durg region of Chhattisgarh for applying to ASHA FOR EDUCATION SILICON VALLEY EDU IMPACT 2021:
1. Estimated ~500 girl child drop out cases in 60 villages, ~70% in Class 9 and 10
2. No other solution addressing this problem
3. “Lack of Awareness for girl’s Education” emerges as the most causal important factor (61%)
4. Girls do not have access to gender specific knowledge and awareness due to scarcity of trained and expert teachers/mentors/experts in remote areas
5. No specific mechanism to impart life skills knowledge, resulting in low confidence. Girls not ready to face today’s competitive environment.
6. 70% of girls covered in the survey use ‘CLOTHS’ in lieu of “Sanitary Napkins” and 40% of girls resorted to “Absenteeism” from school during menstrual period time. 
7. A total of 1040 School Days lost per month due to unavailability of Sanitary Napkins
8. The absence of any mechanism to get them overcoming these phase particularly relating to menstrual hygiene awareness and availability of sanitary napkins in the villages is resulting into huge absenteeism, health concerns and impact on the girls social, emotional and educational upbringing.

Solution Approach:
1. PREFERENCES FOR GIRLS CHILD EDUCATION- Whole societal preferences for girl’s child education and completion of quality education
2. REDUCING GIRLS CHILD DROP OUTS: - An institutional mechanism for all 60 villages in coordination with village community, schools, parents, advocacy group to make sure the girl child drop out cases to be addressed with all sensitivity
1. Ensure that girls can complete secondary school and have the skills necessary to negotiate key life decisions
2. Create opportunities for upliftment of girls in the age bracket of 10-16 years in rural Indian villages as a 3 year pilot project
3. Developmental intervention to enable them to be confident and future - ready in life.
4. Contribution toward social equality and empowerment for girls to make a difference in their life by exposing them to various creative and performing art forms. 

SANKALP EK PRAYAS, a children focused education centric NGO formed in 2009 at Bhilai (CG) and registered in March, 2011, has successfully been presently positioned in the state of Chhattisgarh as a truly service oriented group of professionals who want to bring lasting change through the means of education in the lives of thousands of less fortunate children presently at Bhilai/ Durg region and aiming to expand its footprint in many new geographies shortly. SANKALP EK PRAYAS strives for improving the quality of education in remote geographies through children centric educational interventions at community and school level with the capacity/ resource building at local level. SANKALP EK PRAYAS’s journey commenced with community /support centers in 2009 and by 2019, it has 30 support centers (prime objectivequality education, aligned objectives- minimizing the risk of discontinuity of education, mental and emotional well being, foundational learning, and parental care), e-Merge programme in 25 schools (full time trained staffs supplementing the education system in primary schools with a optimal blend of activity based learning, integration of elearning/digital support with prime focus on foundational learning), e-Uddan programme (50 schools) every year (mobile team supporting schools with e-learning/digital solutions and bringing children closer to newer techniques of learnings) besides many other interventions.

Sankalp ek Prayas’s approx. present beneficiaries reach in Bhilai-Durg through Community Center is 3000, e-Merge-3000 and e-Uddan is 5000. Since last one year its field work and capacity building programmes going on in other geographies at various elementary stages. Sankalp ek Prayas is gearing up to commence its programme in neighboring geographies.