Antyodoy Anath Ashram Paushi - Khagendra Sishu Siksha Kendra (AAA-KSSK)

Project Brief: KSSK is a free primary school in Paushi village in WB, India, catering to children aged 4-12 from the ashram, and poor families in surrounding villages. Asha Austin will provide the fixed, and recurring cost for the operation of the school
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: orphans (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: SUBHANGI GHOSH
Project Partner(s): Balaram Karan
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Vill and P.O.-Paunsi, Block- Bhagawanpur-II, PS.,PS.- Bhupatinagar Dist - Purba Medinipur,,Paushi,
Tel: 011 91 9932671081
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Sep 2023AustinUSD 11235
Jun 2023AustinUSD 11415
Sep 2022AustinUSD 11340
Aug 2022AustinUSD 7266
Jul 2022AustinUSD 11287
Mar 2022AustinUSD 5291
Sep 2021AustinUSD 9903
Aug 2021AustinUSD 6045
Jul 2021AustinUSD 6018
May 2021AustinUSD 4629
Nov 2020AustinUSD 5334
Jun 2020AustinUSD 4145
Jun 2020AustinUSD 4305
Apr 2020AustinUSD 5202

Total = $103415

Paushi Khagendra Sishu Sikha Kendra supports 350 students, a hundred of whom are from the Ashram, and the rest are from Paushi, and the surrounding villages. The school is the one of the very rare schools that operate in this rural area, which offers basic education. Most of the students are underprivileged, and from poor families. The school provides them with free primary school education along with books, and other educational items. Co-curricular activities are offered to reinforce or supplement classroom curriculum. Students are also encouraged to pursue fine arts, and sports. At this time the school employs 10 adequately trained, and full time teachers (6 females and 4 males), and 2 instructors (males), for drawing and computer education, and one staff. The minimum qualifications for all teachers is a Bachelor’s degree. The teachers work to create a cheerful learning experience in the classroom, and employ required teaching props. The students go through periodical assessments.
As outlined in the latest site visit report from Oct.2019, the students of KSSK displayed very impressive art/crafts, needle work, tailoring, and jewelry making skills. They appeared happy and healthy, and actively participated in various extracurricular school activities, and were enthusiastically involved in keeping their environment clean and beautiful.
Asha for Educations’ monetary assistance to KSSK can help the school to continue to provide a holistic learning environment free of cost for these children. The funding will support the salaries/honorarium of teachers and staff, school supplies, transportation for students, electricity and telephone line, and annual administrative expenditures.
The purpose of the school is to provide basic literacy and regular elementary education in a rural region with low literacy rate (54.2%). It also imparts vocational /professional training, and basic computer education. To that end, the focus area of the school includes free primary schooling, distribution of books, supporting meritorious students with their higher education, and promoting physical fitness. The school has also organized excursions, and events for enjoyment, and to encourage cultural awareness. The school additionally provides free transportation to students who require it, supplementary nutrition, weekly health check-ups and clothing support. The long term vision of KSSK is to provide a momentum to the destitute children of this region through basic literacy so they can move onto future endeavors like employment or further education.
The hope is that success in this project will inspire more children from the region to pursue primary schooling, and continue to increase literacy rates in the region, while decreasing problems like child labor.
Paushi Khagendra Sishu Sikha Kendra (KSSK) is a primary school owned and operated by the Antyodoy Ananth Ashram (AAA) in the remote village of Paushi, in the Purba district of West Bengal, India. Paushi is about 138 km from Koltaka and is accessible by train or a 3 hr. drive on the Kolkata-Digha route. The Ashram, which is an orphanage, was founded by Sri Balaram Karan in 1995, and was registered in 2004 under the West Bengal Societies Registration ACT 1961. The Ashram started a nursery school for infants in 1995 that was upgraded to a primary school (KSSK), in 2006. The school is located in an area of rural poverty. This region falls in the area of Purba district that has been reported, in 2012, to have about 9-20% of its population below poverty (World Bank Document, Jun 20 2017), and Purba is considered one of the country’s most backward districts with no sustainable infrastructure of basic education. There are no government schools at the primary level in the vicinity of this school, and only one high school (from grades 5-12). The literacy rate in this area is low at 54.52% (boys 59.56% and girls 49.48%). The students of the school are from the orphanage or come from low income families, and daily wage workers, primarily from industries such as fishery, agricultural labor, and household industry. The school offers free elementary education, books, and school supplies, and basic health care to kids aged 4-12 from surrounding villages.
As of Oct 2019, 4800 children have studied in this school before stepping onto secondary/higher education. The school boasts of quite a few success stories. The ashram itself has been the recipient of many awards in social upliftment/development, and education.
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