Snehalaya - English Medium School

Project Brief: Snehalaya English Medium School was set up in 2010, primarily to provide education to their Rehab Centerchildren who were struggling in mainstream school as their HIV medication and restricted health affected their concentration and attendance.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: children from slums

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Chitra Mandyam
Project Partner(s): Anil Gawade
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Snehalaya, F Block, Survey No. 239, Shree Tiles Chowk, ,Beside Super Ammonia Plant, MIDC,Ahmednagar,
Tel: 0241-2778353
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Aug 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 5676
Aug 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 5549
Nov 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 2719
May 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 7541
Oct 2019Silicon ValleyUSD 5767

Total = $27252

Snehalaya School, has dedicated and devoted teachers, who are socially committed to the cause of education. Considering the need of the strata of the children, teachers in addition to their basic qualifications, need to undergo special training in the areas of first aid, health education and counseling.

In order to enhance their skills to work with the children Snehalaya has developed a 3 year plan in collaboration with VOPA (Vowels of the Peoples Association).

VOPA is an NGO which works on the vision of creating a society which stands on the foundation of Justice, Compassion, Non-violence, Secularism, Gender equality, Democracy, Scientific temper and other Indian constitutional human values.
Snehalaya believes that every woman and child should have the right to a life free from inequality, cruelty and discrimination. Snehalaya provide a safe and supportive family setting, with their own school and HIV hospital on site.
Snehalaya's goal is to facilitate a better brighter future for children victimized by sex trade by offering quality education and rehabilitation. The goal is to also eliminate discrimination against HIV infected children by providing them education under the same roof as healthy children.
Snehalaya Foundation was founded in 1989 by Dr. Girish Kulkarni with a mission to eradicate inequality, cruelty and discrimination towards women and children. Snehalaya provides healthcare, education and shelter to women and children and LGBT communities affected by poverty and commercial sex industry.
Sex trafficking is estimated to be worth $12 billion a year to the criminals who trade women & children. Without awareness of good sexual health practises or acess to condoms sexually transmitted infections & HIV can flourish and unplanned pregnancies can pass the virus to innocent children. Illiteracy and poverty exacerbate an already dire situation and without education the situation can worsen. Snehalaya works to help these women and their children find an exit point.

Through 15 such path-finding projects, Snehalaya strives to work in 4 key areas:
1. Rehabilitation
2. Education & Children
3. Healthcare
4. Awareness