Mauli Seva Pratishthan

Project Brief: The project goal is to provide support for shelter, boarding, home care and education to the children residing at Mauli.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Minnesota
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Neha Dokhe
Project Partner(s): Rajendra Dhamane
Other Contacts: Krishna Malakapalli
Project Address: , Village Shingave Naik,Ahmednagar-Shirdi Highway Tehsil,Ahmednagar,
Tel: 011 91-986-0847-954
Stewarding Chapter: Minnesota
Nov 2018MinnesotaUSD 21836

Total = $21836

Currently children are living in the same facility with their mothers. Indian Law does not allow or permit adoption of these children .Hence it is mandatory to stay the child with his mother though she is mentally ill. All children are fit mentally and physically. They need proper housing and allied care with education to become respectable and responsible citizen of the country Current facility is overcrowded with mentally ill women under treatment and recovered women. As families are not accepting them back in their home , no one is going back in their own families from MAULI HOUSE up to death. This leads to shortage of space. This project would support the construction of proper housing and allied facilities for our children at MANGAV . This will give proper ambiance and facilities for the growth and education of our children .New proposed facility will accommodate 60 Children .
Lifelong Home ,care and education for children of homeless ,raped, mentally ill destitute women
Mauli is a lifelong care home for mentally ill destitute women abandon by their families on Indian road to die. Children in Mauli are born here only. Women found on roads from all over India are taken care in MAULI. Now there are 110 women and 19 children residing in MAULI HOUSE. All women are under medical treatment for mental illness and few for critical physical illness. When they were wandering on road in critical mentally ill condition, raped and gang raped repeatedly. About 99% women residing in MAULI are victims of rape and gang rape when they were wandering on road in their critical mentally ill condition. These rapes leads to unwanted pregnancies. These women are not aware of pregnancy. When picked up from road and admitted in MAULI, after medical examination it is found that they are pregnant. These pregnancies are in advanced stage and needs to be taken care of mother. She is weak, anemic and starved on road . MAULI tries to take adequate ANC care. In this difficult situation, continuation of pregnancy till delivery becomes mandatory. Due to alack of hygiene, nutrition and care, these ill-fortuned women are severely anemic and have other physical and mental illnesses. Now, simultaneous care during pregnancy and after delivery of the baby is needed. After delivery, care has been taken to stabilize the mental and physical wellbeing of both mother and child. Children age group ranges from 2 months to 14 yrs. Day by day number is increasing. These children currently live with their ailing mothers in hospital beds. The children need their own facility to live independently and develop. They need to be sent to regular schools and supported with fees, uniforms, books and other needs. Mauli NGO was established in 1998 to tackle this problem and been recognized internationally including Rotary club of Hong Kong for the good work they are doing.