Sri Aurobindos Educational Academy and Society - Herbal Garden

Project Brief: The project will involve 50 students from fourth and fifth standard in setting up a Herbal Garden in the school which will help in augmenting student's scientific skills.

Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: St. Louis
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Lakshmi Reddy
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Sri Aurobindos School,Gaddipally Village - Post, Garedepally Mandal,Gaddipally Village,
Tel: 011-91-9985212524
Stewarding Chapter: St. Louis
Sep 2021St. LouisUSD 10136
Jun 2020St. LouisUSD 12275
Jul 2019St. LouisUSD 9638
Nov 2018St. LouisUSD 4907

Total = $36956

The project involves growing 26 types of herbal plants in a 500 square meters of land under the expert guidance of herbal consultant along with setting up a water line system for irrigation. Student's responsibilities will include helping in planting, labeling, observing and recording growth, studying the medicinal uses of the plants, data collection and presenting. Students will spend 3 periods per week on this project.
To provide an integrated education to children of rural village of Telengana to make them well rounded citizens.
A non-profit and non-religious registered society located in a rural village of Telengana, India set up Sri Aurobindo’s School with the aim to improve the quality of education in the surrounding areas. The school follows Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Education approach which appears more suitable for children coming from first time school going rural families. This approach includes greater connections with the context through greater use of manipulative and activity based learning. It focuses on the harmonious growth of all the faculties and instruments of the child. Education should help children develop a body that is healthy and active, a character that is strong with a will to progress, a mind that is clear, flexible and capable of independent thinking and a natural propensity to lead a value based life.