Kaatu Sithamoor Library

Project Brief: To build a library in Kattu Sithamoor where kids can access information and learn with their friends, with the vision is to eventually build this into a community center
Project Type: Capex / Infrastructure (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Boston/MIT
Status: Proposal - Closed
Project Steward: Melli Annamalai
Project Partner(s): Paripooranam K
Other Contacts: Atman R Parikh
Project Address: , First Floor, 85/2 Luz Avenue,Mylapore,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600004
Tel: 011919444404060
Stewarding Chapter: Boston/MIT

Total = $0

Books and library services will be free for all village residents. The village comprises ~250 households, most residents are landless laborers or have small land holdings and are subsistence farmers. The middle school in the village likely has ~250 students in middle school, more students in high school.

The library will be a separate entity from the school. Adults will be encouraged to help build and maintain the library. Books and periodicals that can help the adults in their agricultural practices to be included.

Library materials: Books for children to be sourced from Tulika, Pratham, and Children's book trust (3 major publishers of children's books). Books for adults to be sourced from Indian publishers and book fairs in Tamil Nadu. Magazines and newspapers will be available

Metrics: (i) aim to have 30-40 kids and 30-40 adults using the library by year 1, (ii) tracking of # of kids and adults visiting the library and (iii) tracking of books being checked out.

If funding is approved, volunteer Gershon plans to spend 4-6 months in Kattu Sithamoor starting an English reading program for children
Projects mainly tend to deal with improvements to Government, Government-aided or other private schools that provide free education. ASHA Chennai believes in the following:

An equal education is an essential prerequisite to an egalitarian society. By equal education, we are not talking about straight-jacketing the content or the method of education to one size fits all. We, however, believe in equal access for all children to the education options available in the society.

The mainstream schooling, when made accessible to all, can cover the educational needs of 90% of all the children. There would still be 10% of the children who cannot be reached through this mainstream education. This would include the disabled, street children, orphans, etc. While Asha Chennai recognizes the important need to address the problems of the society in dealing with the 10%, we have chosen to focus on the mainstream education. Majority of the children who fall under this category are currently not getting any education or they are getting a poor quality education.

Government is the primary vehicle through which universal education can be delivered in a country like India. Every developing and developed nation that has achieved near 100% literacy has done this through public education. We do not believe India to be any different. In states like TamilNadu, the reach of the government schools is already quite good but the quality leaves a lot to be desired.
Several projects in Chennai and vicinity have been funded by Asha chapters ever since 1992. Asha Chennai took root in 2002 as a separate chapter. Asha-Chennai has grown since then to include more than 15 highly committed volunteers. Unlike other Asha for Education chapters, we execute the projects ourselves. We are actively executing about 10 projects which together support more than 80 schools, and provide scholarships for over 100 students. We have been raising funds for these from individual donations, donations from corporations and organizations as well as from other Asha chapters.