Vanasthali Rural Development Centre

Project Brief: Vanasthali Rural Development Center is based in rural Maharashtra. The project aims to provide pre-primary education in rural regions by having a balwadi in every village and a trained teacher at every balwadi.
Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Madhura Nirkhe
Project Partner(s): Sushama Sathaye
Other Contacts: Seema Chaudhary
Project Address: , VANASTHALI RURAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE ,318 / 19 B, Canal road, Model Colony,Pune,
Tel: 0119120265238747
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Jun 2018SeattleUSD 29839

Total = $29839

Vanasthali Rural Development Center (VRDC) was established on the 21st of December 1981 by Nirmala Purandare and like-minded friends, with a definite purpose in mind: to work mainly in villages for the welfare of women and children. Vanasthali aims to develop education in Maharashtra.

Aims of the Organization:

To conduct six-month training courses at village level or other convenient places, thus enabling rural women to start Balwadis, and propagate the importance of education around them. Also, we see to it that the cost of training course is kept at minimal so everyone can afford it. ? Early Childhood Education (ECE) is meant to promote the all-round development of a child. The principle of ‘education through recreation’ is to be followed in balwadi activities. Hence the trainees are introduced to such subjects as child psychology, principles and methods of child education, school management, child health, and nutrition. They receive practical training in crafts, games, and songs. ? To start courses and programs for rural women, in order to make them economically independent and also enhance their personalities and self-confidence. ? To publish a bi-monthly magazine for fulfilling these aims, to report progress of the center, and enable women to express their views. ? To conduct camps, book exhibitions, film shows, and informative lectures on health and socio-cultural programs for the personality development of rural women.
Promote love of learning through pre-primary education in rural India, and provide vocational training and teaching jobs to rural women who have high school education.
VRDC is a voluntary organization, which feels that the process of rural development has to be initiated at its grassroots level. The social awakening has to be generated at the inner core. Education is the only means which will help make inroads into this stagnant ethos of rural society. The age of 3 to 6 is a very important period in the child’s development, an early schooling allows for a better adaptation and lowers the rate of failure. Nursery schools (”Balwadi”) are therefore necessary to fight illiteracy. Vanasthali fills this need. As it is impossible to recruit qualified teachers from town, Vanasthali trains women and mothers to become primary teachers. This provides economic assistance to the home, a platform for health education and social change and uplifts the whole family.