Sirisha Rehabilatation Centre

Project Brief: Need help starting COMMUNITY/HOME BASED REHABILITATION for Children with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (CWIDDs)
CBR work
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Kansas City
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Raji Muppala
Project Partner(s): M SOMESWARA RAO
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , D No 3-57, ,Veerankilock,Pamidimukkala,
Tel: 011-91- 9441413161
Stewarding Chapter: Kansas City
Feb 2024Kansas CityUSD 5175
Jun 2023Kansas CityUSD 16572
Sep 2022Kansas CityUSD 6554
Aug 2022Kansas CityUSD 2917
May 2022Kansas CityUSD 16456
Aug 2021Kansas CityUSD 16060
Feb 2021Kansas CityUSD 2074
Jul 2020Kansas CityUSD 2007
May 2020Kansas CityUSD 2645
Apr 2020Kansas CityUSD 12475
May 2019Kansas CityUSD 9497
Nov 2018Kansas CityUSD 8760
Apr 2018Kansas CityUSD 7640

Total = $108832

By definition, “CBR is the strategy within the community development for the Rehabilitation, Equalization of Opportunities, and social integration of all people with disabilities” CBR reflects that is it the model of multisecotral and multi-disciplinary approach. In addition to the training and rehabilitation of the CWIDDs, CBR also focus on several aspects of community development (CWIDDS will be the essential part of these activities) and some of them includes:

1) Awareness on Health Care, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Pollution and other aspects of clean, green, and healthy environment.
2) Information cum Facilitation for Acts, Policies, Schemes, & Benefits, which includes utilization, monitoring and evaluation.
3) Need and Facilitation for the creation of Accessible Environments with spaces for all.
4) Awareness cum Facilitation for the prevention of the causes of disabilities for moving towards disability free community / society.
5) Recreational, Sports and Games for better connectivity, strength, and harmony.
6) Capacity building of the community for better living with sustainability and thus to address their needs & challenges with ownership.
7) Other need based activities of the community from time to time which vary from community to another.
SRC is the registered Voluntary Service Organization working for the Training & Rehabilitation of Children with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (CWIDDs) as an EMPOWERMENT both Socially & Economically for happy & healthy living in an INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY / ENVIRONMENT.
Sirisha foundation 2 school’s details then the new group CWIDDs requesting support from Asha for Education

Early Intervention Centre: Provides Rehabilitation and School preparedness services to the CWIDDs in the age group of 0-6 years. This is mostly on day care basis with effective participation of their parents. This is categorized under Institutional based Rehabilitation (IBR). The areas which gets priority under this Centre includes: Activities of Daily Living (ADLs); Behaviour Modification; Social connectivity; Recreation; Sports & Games, Speech & Communication; Academics; and School preparedness. It is possible to mainstream some of them in to normal schools who joined this Centre at the early age. Early Identification and Early Interventions will work for effective outputs and impact. At present 32 CWIDDs are getting these services on day care basis for whom SRC will provide the transportation facility with better protection and security. All such services were provided by SRC on free of cost and will continue the same. This Centre is situated at Vuyyuru, Krishna Dist. A.P.

Special School cum Vocational Training Centre: It is like a normal school but significantly vary in the syllabus, content, teaching, examinations, valuation and other aspects. This school follows the pattern of Special Education as designed and approved by Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi. It is also known as Individualized Educational Programme as each CWIDD will be individual in his or her skills and needs. It is for the children in the age group of 6-18 & up to 21 years and provides service both on Day Care basis and Residential basis. This School gives priority for: Social; Academic; Cultural; Recreational; Sports & Games; Enhancement of Academic Qualification through Distance Mode through National Open Schooling (NIOS); Training in Vocational Trades; and preparing for Skill Development for better employability. At present 84 CWIDDs are getting these benefits either on Day Care or Residential basis at Institute (IBR) only. All such services were provided by SRC on free of cost and will continue the same. This Centre is situated both at Vuyyuru, and Veeronkilock, Krishna Dist. A.P.

COMMUNITY/HOME BASED REHABILITATION for Children with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (CWIDDs)

The above two Projects will provide matching training and rehabilitation services and supports for CWIDDs at the Institute which is also known as Institutional Based Rehabilitation (IBR) where the CWIDDs will come to the Institute. In view of the structure and mode of delivery, the model of IBR does have some limitations covering: away from the community / home; less participation of the parents and family members; less priority and limited contribution by the community; limited control In view of recent shift from welfare to development to rights based model of working for the empowerment of CWIDDs / PWDs, the model of IBR need to be supported by Home Based Rehabilitation (HBR) and Community based Rehabilitation (CBR). It means the pattern of CWIDDs going to the Institute (IBR) needs to be changed to the community / home where the team of professionals needs to reach the CWIDDs at their home / community.

CBR works for the CWIDDs at home / community without changing the dynamics of the home and community. SRC has identified several CWIDDs living in rural or slums of various parts of mandals selected in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. SRC has got require experience and expertise in providing the training and rehabilitation services to CWIDDs at Community (CBR) / Home (HBR) which has got several advantage over the earlier model of IBR. It has got a strong base and networking with the stakeholders for empowering the CWIDDs with several advantages which works for better inclusion both economically and socially.
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