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Project Brief: Asha Chennai project that builds and repairs toilets at schools that we work with through Projects Sangamam, Pearl, Thulasi and Poorna Vidhya. This will work towards improving the health and hygiene among the school children and the village.
Project Type: Capex / Infrastructure (description)
Primary Focus: health and cleanliness (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chennai
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Rajaraman Krishnan
Project Partner(s): Bhaskar V
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , First Floor, 85/2, Luz Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai 600004,Near Nageswara rao park,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600004
Tel: 91 9444404060
Stewarding Chapter: Chennai
Aug 2023ChennaiUSD 28831
Sep 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 6923
May 2020ChennaiINR 88358
May 2019ChennaiINR 1687617
Oct 2017PittsburghUSD 2339
Sep 2017FrankfurtUSD 2741
May 2017ChennaiINR 473801
May 2016ChennaiINR 139625

Total = $92922.9418

Asha Chennai has been working with government schools all over Tamilnadu under Projects Sangamam (Thiruvallur, Kamchipuram), Poorna Vidhya (Chennai, Chengalpet), Thulasi (Villupuram, Thiruvannamalai) and Pearl (Thoothukudi, Thirunelveli). Asha’s focus in these projects has been education. Our work usually directly relates to education like providing teachers and computer teachers, giving stationery materials, educational kits and such to the schools and the children etc. We take up infrastructure work only rarely. We do recognise that Hygiene and health are extremely important for children. Good education cannot happen without good health.

The toilet facilities in many of the schools are inadequate. The children end up openly defecating during the break time. But with rising urbanization, in many of the schools there aren’t even fields near the school. Further lack of toilet facility at middle and high schools is a major cause of girls to drop out as they attain puberty. For teachers too, working in a school without toilet facilities is very difficult.

Therefore as we get donors who are interested to take up such work, we have been taking up toilet construction and repair work at various schools. For the toilet work at schools we need the school to have the space for a new toilet or an old toilet in good enough condition to at least be repairable. Further we need support from the Panchayat, the Block officers and broadly the people from the village to be able to take up those activities. As these are school that Asha has been working with and supporting for several years, we can also ensure that the toilet built or repaired is being maintained well and remains useful for the children.

Hyundai Glovis has been supporting the Project Sangamam efforts at 8 of the schools as part of the Glovis Sangamam project. They have come forward to help construct toilets where there aren’t any available, repair the toilets which are in need of repair and also provide drinking water supply for villages that lack them. The project Sugadharam is an outcome of that support.

Work done so far
As Thiruvallur we have undertaken the repair and construction of several school spanning many years. A lot of these were taken up between 2017 and 2019 with support from Hyundai Glovis.

We were also able to take up work with schools supported under Thulasi, Pearl and Poorna Vidhya project with funding from Trimble in 2019. Here is a table that shows the various works that have been done under this project.

YearDonorSchoolDescription of Work
2013-14Asha FrankfurtPUPS Placepalayam in ThiruvallurConstruction of new toilet block with three commodes and a urinal for girls
2014-15Asha FrankfurtPUPS Allikuzhi in ThiruvallurConstruction of new toilet block with two commodes and a urinal for girls.
2016-17Hyundai GlovisPUPS Thandalam in ThiruvallurConstruction of a new toilet with 3 commodes and a urinal area for girls.
2017-18Hyundai GlovisPUPS Gandhigramam PUPS Elappanaidu Pettai PUPS Nemiliagaram PUPS Katchur PUPS Kannigaiper PUPS Annanagar PUMS Anandheri
PUPS Ammambakkam PUPS Kuppathupalayam in Thiruvallur
Repair of toilets all all these schools. They all had toilets in various states of disrepair. Then we made functional and like new and given back to the school.
2017-18Asha Pittsburg and Asha FrankfurtPUMS Koppampatti and PUMS Nagalapur in ThoothukudiAt Koppampatti we constructed a new toilet block with 3 commodes and urinal area. At Nagalapuram we undertook repair work.
2018-19Hyundai GlovisPUMS Neyveli PUMS Athipattu PUMS Kunnavalam in ThiruvallurThese schools had toilets that required fairly major repair work. We made them functional and like new.
2018-19Hyundai GlovisPUMS Neyveli PUMS AthipattuPUMS Kunnavalam in ThiruvallurThese schools had toilets that required fairly major repair work. We made them functional and like new.
2019-20Hyundai GlovisPUMS Ramnjeri and PUPS Pudhukandigai in ThiruvallurNew toilets were built at both these schools. At Ramanjeri we constructed two blocks with 2 commodes and urinal area for boys and girls. At Pudhukandigai we constructed one such block to be shared by boys and girls.
2019-20Hyundai GlovisPUMS Manjakuppam PUPS Melvilagam PUPS Palavakkam PUPS Vallimapettai PUPS Kammavarpalayam PUPS Allikuzhi in ThiruvallurAll these school required minor repair work to the toilets to make them functional again.
2019-20TrimblePUPS Chidambarampatti in ThoothukudiA new toilet was sanctioned and constructed in this school with 3 commodes and urinal area for girls.
2019-20TrimblePUPS Kumaragiri, PUMS Athikinaru in ThoothukudiSignificant repair work was required in both these schools’ toilets. They were done in late 2019.
2020TrimblePUMS KaathuSithamboor in Villupuram and ADWMS Nandhivaram in KanchipuramNew toilets were built in both these places. Kaatusithamboor toilet was more or less completed before the Corona struct but Nandhivaram work still not completed by that time. So they got delayed. They were finally completed and delivered before schools reopened.

Asha will continue to take up these kinds of toilet work at schools we support.

Asha supports several government schools spread across Tamilnadu. The goal of Project Sugadharam is to improve the hygiene at these schools by constructing toilets and repairing existing toilets. Asha Chennai remains engaged with these schools and ensures that the toilets continue to be used effectively.
The various chapters of Asha are organized loosely. We share the same basic goal of education but our focus may differ from chapter to chapter. Thus Asha-Chennai may emphasize improving government schools whereas some other chapter may emphasize health education.

Asha chapters often collaborate on projects and exchange information about prospective projects, project evaluations and policies. We understand and respect that individual chapters may differ in the policies, ideas and plans for future projects.

Asha-Chennai does not have a formal membership or organizational structure. Our membership consists almost entirely of volunteers who make their time and help available as per their interests and abilities. All interested people are welcome to
join Asha-Chennai. To register as a volunteer please send a mail to Rajaram. You will then get added to the mailing list and be informed about our meetings and activities.

The administrative activities of the group are carried out by a ‘core group’ of volunteers who distribute the responsibilities among themselves. Obviously, the membership of the ‘core group’ changes over time as new members get involved or others temporarily drop out because of their time commitments. Please see our administrative guide to get an idea about the roles and processes within our organisation.
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