Milaan Be The Change NGO - Reap Benefit

Project Brief: Reap Benefit builds the next generation of problem solvers by involving students in implementing solutions for local environment and civic problems.
Project Type: Community Based Interventions (description)
Primary Focus: health and cleanliness (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Stanford
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Arun Chaganty
Project Partner(s): Kuldeep Dantewadia
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , 521, 20th Main Road, 4th T Block Jayanagara, Bangalore,20th Main Road,Bangalore,
Tel: 080 4117 1468
Stewarding Chapter: Stanford
Mar 2018StanfordUSD 13363
Jun 2016StanfordUSD 14081

Total = $27444

Reap Benefit's project is selected as the recepient of Asha Stanford's Google Innovation Grant.

Better holistic learning environments and greater attachment to school through: 1- Functional Toilets: •Basic privacy and functionality •Sanitary Napkin Disposal Dustbin •Reduced Odour •Increase hygiene levels •Ownership 2- Increase toilet usage by 50%-70% by the students especially girls 3- Hand Sanitation system 4- Grey Water Treatment: Each school will have a low cost grey water treatment plant which will reuse 50% of water used in campus, reducing water consumption by a similar level. 5- Waste Management: Reduce blockage of sewage and reduce breeding of mosquitoes 5- At a behavioural level take students from a journey unconsciously wrong, to consciously wrong, to consciously right and to unconsciously right 6- Increased attendance and ownership levels in the schools 7- Better schooling experience & hands on experience for the students to co-develop solutions Outcomes: •Students the most important stakeholders in schools, take the initiative to solve problems on their own •Improvement in the health & hygiene conditions •Improvement in learning outcomes •Long term skill development like empathy, problem solving and critical thinking
Long Term Goals:
Long Term Impact: 1. Improved health conditions of the students 2. Improved Learning outcomes of the students 3. Skill Development of the students 4. Cleaner Environment 5. saved water and better infrastructure in schools 6. Build A DO IT YOURSELF water less urinal kit which can be scaled
Organization's mission is to reduce environmental & social inequity in waste-water-sanitation by nurturing the NextGen leaders through measurable behavioral change and low cost solutions/innovations