Progressive Rural Active Youths Action for Society - SMC Project

Project Brief: A school to educate children of migrant poor workers
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Colorado
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Sandeep Sarkar
Project Partner(s): LOK Das
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , ICHAPUR Sealdanga,P.O.- Santragachi,Howrah,
Tel: 011 91 9836509314
Stewarding Chapter: Colorado
Jun 2024ColoradoUSD 2667
Aug 2023ColoradoUSD 8093
Feb 2023ColoradoUSD 7717
Jul 2022ColoradoUSD 7040
Dec 2021ColoradoUSD 2493
Jul 2021ColoradoUSD 5584
Jul 2020ColoradoUSD 8514
Aug 2019ColoradoUSD 9737
Nov 2018ColoradoUSD 962
Jun 2018ColoradoUSD 9481
Jul 2017ColoradoUSD 9212
Nov 2016ColoradoUSD 7671
May 2016ColoradoUSD 6858
Jan 2016ColoradoUSD 5942
Aug 2015ColoradoUSD 3922

Total = $95893

Construct a school to be run by PRAYAS (a social organization relying on youths to bring progressive changes) where children of migrant workers can receive free education and get help with their basic needs.
The overall aim of PRAYAS is to provide meaningful and viable opportunities to poor and deprived sections of rural societies, so as to enhance their social and economic level leading to a life with dignity and self-respect.
Towards achieving the overall aims, PRAYAS undertakes a number of projects in the various sectors of Education, Health Care, Water & Sanitation, Income Generation and Awareness/Capacity building and have separate objectives of each of such sectors.

PRAYAS envisages a society free from the perils of religion, caste, creed or class, where people live in peaceful coexistence with nature, utilizing nature’s resources to meet only their needs; and where people are healthy, educated and prosperous in physical, mental and materials terms.

PRAYAS shall strive towards providing opportunities for social and economic advancement of the poor and underprivileged sections of the society. The organization shall always strive for the empowerment of women and development of children as guiding forces to build a stronger and self-sufficient society.
The peninsular block of Shyampur forked between the rivers Roopnarayan, Hooghly and Damodar is perhaps one of the most deprived regions in South Bengal. The poverty stricken people live miserably here and their plight extends by the activities of anti social elements.

The handful of youth who managed to venture out and wiggle out of the system was frustrated with what is happening in those villages. They wanted to do something for their motherland, albeit the hidden dangers and threats involved. Thus was started the PRAYAS in 1988, basically as a meeting ground for the like-minded youth of the society. The founder of the society is L. K. Das, a genial young person.
Since then, PRAYAS has been relentlessly pursuing a goal of a just society where children receive best of education, support and opportunities to grow into responsible citizens of ‘morrow. As the years grew, as people started basing their confidence on the activists of the PRAYAS, the organization grew from strength to strength as a small but leading NGO undertaking comprehensive development work in the region. Today, PRAYAS is undertaking a range of projects aimed at overall development of the society with its majority marginal and underprivileged members. In the year 2009, the activities of PRAYAS spread to rural areas of North Bengal (Jalpaiguri district).
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