Samarpan Foundation - Injustice of Justice (Support for Prisoners)

Project Brief: Injustice for Justice Project seeks to provide educational and vocational training to inmates, especially teenagers, at Tihar Jail.
Project Type: Other (description)
Primary Focus: remedial education (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Berkeley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Anishi Patel
Project Partner(s): Roohi Sharma
Other Contacts: Avani Agarwal
Project Address: , Samarpan Foundation,63 Jor Bagh,New Delhi,
DELHI  110003
Tel: 91 09810012062
Stewarding Chapter: Berkeley
Mar 2023BerkeleyUSD 7362
Jun 2022BerkeleyUSD 7112
May 2021BerkeleyUSD 1764
Oct 2020BerkeleyUSD 2777
Oct 2020BerkeleyUSD 3428
May 2019BerkeleyUSD 4725
Mar 2018BerkeleyUSD 5091
Oct 2017BerkeleyUSD 5134
Apr 2017BerkeleyUSD 21425
Mar 2016BerkeleyUSD 7193
Nov 2014BerkeleyUSD 7671

Total = $73682

Asha supports educational and vocational training through classes in computer literacy, general knowledge, IQ, dance, music, theater, and comic-making and funds the annual inter-jail quiz and talent hunt for 4 prisons.
Extending program to include all prisons of Tihar jail.
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