Saugaht Foundation - Pre Primary School

Project Brief: Pre-primary education for tribal children and adult literacy for parents in rural Jharkhand
Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: San Francisco
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Aditi Chandarana
Project Partner(s): Jitendra Pandey
Other Contacts: Ritika Gulabrani
Project Address: , Path village under Phakiradih Panchayat in Bhandaria Block,Jharkhand-822125, India,Ramkanda Post Office,
Tel: 011 918877067911
Stewarding Chapter: San Francisco
Jun 2023San FranciscoUSD 1234
May 2023San FranciscoUSD 11549
Sep 2022San FranciscoUSD 12664
May 2022San FranciscoUSD 11510
Dec 2021San FranciscoUSD 1011
Nov 2021San FranciscoUSD 4342
Sep 2021San FranciscoUSD 3823
Jun 2021San FranciscoUSD 4063
Nov 2020San FranciscoUSD 2245
Sep 2020San FranciscoUSD 3955
Apr 2020San FranciscoUSD 1543
Oct 2019San FranciscoUSD 6930
Aug 2018San FranciscoUSD 9133
Jul 2018StanfordUSD 17042
Jun 2017San FranciscoUSD 9292
Feb 2017StanfordUSD 17588
Jul 2016San FranciscoUSD 7520
Jun 2015San FranciscoUSD 10244
Jun 2014San FranciscoUSD 5760

Total = $141448

We propose to start an educational center for basic literacy of tribal children. The poor illiterate tribal parents in our project area cannot fulfill the basic needs of their children and do not want to send their children to the school. We propose to establish one pre primary school for the kids within the age group of 3 to 6 years. The children will be provided with basic education. We will run this program for providing those poor children a steppingstone of education by a compulsory schooling in the pre-primary level and prepare them for admission in the primary level formal schools. We have also planned to utilize the same school as an adult literacy center preferably for the parents of those selected children. Elementary education will be provided. Asha Stanford is funding the 'Open-field Pre-school' for tribal kids.
Saugaht Foundation has a vision to promote an all round development of the poor and marginalized section of the society with special focus to the downtrodden tribal people oppressed classes and other backward communities for enabling them self-reliance by active participation in the development process.
Saugaht Foundation emerged when few like-minded enthusiastic youth and social activists of Palamu district of Jharkhand started putting their heads together regularly to undertake small initiatives to cater to some specific social needs of the area . The preliminary work of the group was to initiate development activities in rural areas of Husainabad Block of Palamu district. They kept on doing various social development activities by organizing the lower cast and tribal villagers. Gradually this group-work had germinated into a new NGO, named ‘Saugaht Foundation’, registered as a ‘Legal Trust ‘in the year 2005 during last few years it has taken a shape of a community based organization to render humanitarian assistance to the underprivileged community people.
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