Saron Jehovah Yeereh Trust-Shaaron Special School

Project Brief: Shaaron School is project for mentally challanged children from poor families in rural Tamil Nadu. Asha Toledo is supporting this project for teaching aids, physiotherapy equipment, teachers salary etc.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Alisha Kulkarni
Project Partner(s): Prema T
Other Contacts: Shruti Motiwale
Project Address: , Shaaron Garden, K.R Nagar post, Kalangaperi Road,,Rajapalayam,
TAMIL NADU  626108
Tel: 04563-235758
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Feb 2024AustinUSD 7943
Sep 2023AustinUSD 10729
Dec 2022ToledoUSD 4906
Sep 2022ToledoUSD 5091
Oct 2021ToledoUSD 17734
Jun 2020ToledoUSD 11506
May 2019ToledoUSD 10372
Jun 2018ToledoUSD 10173
Nov 2017ToledoUSD 5624
Apr 2017ToledoUSD 5656
Nov 2016ToledoUSD 7454
May 2016ToledoUSD 5460
Oct 2015ToledoUSD 5707
Apr 2015ToledoUSD 5780
Apr 2014ToledoUSD 1184

Total = $115319

Asha Toledo supported Shaaron school in 2014 and provided special teaching aids, physiotherapy equipment, classroom table, computer and some furniture. An University of Toledo alumn verified the purchase of all these items, proper usage and benefit to the children. Based on his site visit report the next immediate need for the school was identified to be the salaries of special educators who are so critical for these children. Also without good teachers they would not be able to maintain the necessary student teacher ratio and loose any government support. Asha Toledo has taken up the task of funding the salaries of these special educators for a total sum of approximately $11,500 or Rs 7,20,000.
The goal of this project is to provide health support, special education and nutrition to mentally challenged children and children with reading disabilities. Most children are from below poverty line so vocational training is also provided so that they at least have the basic skills in life to support themselves.
Saron Jehovah Yeereh Trust (Reg no 199/1998) also known as Shaaron Special School opened with 3 children in a rented house for rupees 700 in Rajapalayam. So far, since inception the school has trained 197 children and at present they have 44 children for education and rehabilitation.

Shaaron School was established in 1998 by Asha Toledo’s project partner T. Prema to bring about a difference in the lives of mentally challenged children in the rural parts of Rajapalayam (Virudhunagar District) near Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu, India. Through years of painstaking hard work, she was able to transform this school from a little operation with 2 students to a concrete building with 67 students. The school provides physiotherapy, speech therapy and educational programs designed for special-needs children. Apart from that the school provides free daily lunch/snacks and transportation. Almost all the children come from extremely poor families who cannot afford to take care of such mentally challenged kids. For children above 14 years of age, the school provides vocational education and trains them to make Toys, wall hangings, greeting cards, painting on handkerchiefs and paper bag, etc. so that they can become self reliant.

Since 2008, the school have seen a spate of visitors, volunteers from various places and across the globe who have supported their cause. The government of India also recognised and supported the school by extending the tax exemption benefits under section 80G of Income tax act of 1961 (F.No 102/3/CIT-II/2007-2008).

School's Vision : To create a multi specialty rehabilitation center for the special children with special needs with all types of therapy in international standard.

School's Mission: To create and provide rehabilitation for the mentally challenged children.
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