Manchikalalu Organization - A Home for the Needy Children

Project Brief: Give poor and needy children a place to live, provide them Food, education, Medical care and find jobs - ASHA will provide primary education costs
Project Type: Support a Child (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: orphans

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Dallas
Status: completed - sustainable
Project Steward: Mounika Lingayagari
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts: Mounika Lingayagari
Project Address: , Plot No 2, Krishnapuri Colony, Near AOC Gate, ,West Marredpally, Opp Fiitjee World School,Secunderabad,
Tel: 011 91 9848211992
Stewarding Chapter: Dallas
Dec 2020DallasUSD 8554
Nov 2019DallasUSD 7819
Nov 2018DallasUSD 8558
Dec 2017DallasUSD 9288
Nov 2016DallasUSD 8529
Nov 2015DallasUSD 7912
Nov 2014DallasUSD 6838
Dec 2013DallasUSD 4049

Total = $61547

What is ASHA's role?
Asha works with Sarath Kumar, who is project partner for Manchikalalu. Our mission is not only to look at issues concerning access to education, but also to ensure that every child has access to an education that is meaningful. We try to ensure all round development of the kid in various extra-curricular activities as well.
Asha Dallas chapter works with a local Asha Volunteer to ensure proper functioning of the orphanage and the welfare of the kids. A donor is welcomed to visit the site and interact with the project partner. 
Stewards: Venkata Vegesna, Mounika Lingayagari
Please visit the following page for more info on Asha for Education

How much does it cost to support a child?
It takes very little from you to make a difference in life of the kid. Donors can support a kid's education by donating as little as $21 per month. you can click Donate on the left side to schedule monthly or yearly payments or follow the link below: 
We appreciate if you could make the donations yearly by contributing $250 at a time by way of online donation( might need to create paypal account for recurring online donations), writing a check or direct pay from your bank account to Dallas ASHA chapter.

Asha for Education - Dallas
PO Box 398080
San Francisco, CA 94139-8080

Also, you can send a check payable to "Asha for Education". In addition, please specify "Dallas Manchikalalu" in the check notes.
Note: Please select Dallas chapter and mention Manchikalalu in the notes even though it is optional for online donations as well. This will help us ensure the funds go this project.

How will the donor be updated with the progress of kids?
Please inform the project steward Mounika after you make your donations, to ensure you are assigned a kid and receive regular updates. You will then be sent a photo and details of the child .
We plan to update about the kids progress once every 6 months. In addition, you can visit the child when you visit India.
You can contact the project partner for more info/updates anytime.
Supporting the orphan children for their school and college educational expenses per year. To sponsor a child is to give that child a future, an opportunity to dream a brighter tomorrow and help him see a better world.
Manchikalalu Organization is a home for children which is formed by like-minded people who have come together to help and realize the dreams of underprivileged children in the society. It is every one’s responsibility to help the children who are in need and protect the children who are in a wrong path.

Mr. Sarath Kumar and his wife Mrs. Bhavani have been working with needy children for the past 15 years. Both are dedicated in this service and kids are calling them as mummy & Daddy.

An environment that every child deserves- an innocent childhood, education that does not just mean textbooks, but also includes imbibing values that make them caring individuals first before anything else. At the same time, making sure that they are able to achieve their dreams while knowing that we are with them at every step of the way. This is what our Organization “MANCHIKALALU” (A Home for the Needy Children) has been striving to do for the last six years.

We have formed Manchikalalu for which the charter of action is clear- Give poor and needy children a place to live, provide them food, education, medical care, find jobs and also help unearth their artistic talents.

In essence, make all attempts to ensure that they can stand on their own legs.
Like a friend we understand their needs, as a concerned parent we counsel the kids, and as a guide we provide them a sound, bright future flowing with happiness.

Our moto is “ STREET to SOCIETY”.

We are not doing great things……. only small things with great LOVE and support from you. without it, we cannot fulfil the dreams of the kids.

Note: your contributions are tax-deductible (in the US only) under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.
Kindly make your donations at the ASHA web site.

Please contact us if you need more information. Also, kindly forward it to your friends.
During donation please include in the notes that your donation should go to "MANCHIKALALU". Also, Please email me after your donation
Number of kids Currently in the orphanage: 46 boys
No. of children going to school: 30
No. of children going to college:16
All the kids are enrolled at local private schools and colleges mostly in English medium of instruction, pursuing education of their interest to reach their career goals . They participate in various events and sports and received many awards. For more info, visit: . We try to be transparent as much as possible. You can look at the project documents to know everything you might be interested.