Balavidhyalaya Trust

Project Brief: BALAVIDYALAYA, The school for young deaf children is a FREE, non-residential, private Early Intervention Center & Preschool for deaf Infants and young children from birth to 5 years.
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Minnesota
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Advait Deepak
Project Partner(s): Saraswathi Narayanaswamy
Other Contacts: Advait Deepak
Project Address: , 18, Ist Cross St. Shastri Nagar,Adyar,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600020
Tel: 91-44-24917199
Stewarding Chapter: Minnesota
Apr 2023MinnesotaUSD 6150
May 2022MinnesotaUSD 7308
Aug 2021MinnesotaUSD 7306
Nov 2020MinnesotaUSD 9166
Jun 2019MinnesotaUSD 12246
Sep 2018MinnesotaUSD 6129
Sep 2017MinnesotaUSD 5075
Sep 2016MinnesotaUSD 4189
Feb 2016MinnesotaUSD 4074
Aug 2014MinnesotaUSD 999
Nov 2013MinnesotaUSD 1780

Total = $64422

Since Balavidyalaya offers all its services free of cost, management relies heavily on external sources for funding. As a result, Balavidyalaya doesn't have enough funding for teaching materials. Asha-MN is to fund $3800 over the course of 2-years, in order to replenish the student and teacher classroom materials. Asha-MN funds will cover the cost of many learning materials, including toys, teaching aids, books, LCDs, and audio visual aids for the classroom.
The aim of the school curriculum is to train very young deaf children (when their ability to to grasp developmental skills is at its peak) to acquire valuable language and speech skills so that they can then get integrated into mainstream education and have the same opportunities as other children.
As the classroom materials in the school are not altogether usable, this curriculum is largely affected. Asha-MN's goal is to help Balavidyalaya regain the full potential of their curriculum, by providing funding for student and teacher materials.
The Balavidyalaya school for young Deaf Children, located in Chennai Tamil Nadu, is a non-residential, private and non-profit educational center for hearing-impaired babies and pre-school children, ages 0 to 5 years. The Balavidyalaya Trust, a registered non-profit making Charitable Trust, is in charge of the management of the school. The organization has been functioning since 1969, and has formulated their own methodology to teach hearing impaired children. The school has its own teacher training institute and diagnostic center. Balavidyalaya appeals to philanthropic in deed firms and individuals to help them by donating liberally, so that they can continue the noble cause of providing free services.