Siri Foundation Charitable Trust - Education for underprivileged Children

Project Brief: Siri is deeply committed to supporting underprivileged children in rural India from elementary school to college, empowering them to become self-sufficient. Through scholarships, mentorship, and a focus on volunteerism, we help them achieve their goals.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Kansas City
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Pathanjali Malay
Project Partner(s): Narayana Rao Lekkala
Other Contacts: Srini Chintala
Project Address: , D.No 1-114/7, F-3 Simhadri Residency,Purushottamapuram Colony, Sujata Nagar (PO),Vishakhapatnam,
Tel: 011 91 998545801
Stewarding Chapter: Kansas City
Jul 2023Kansas CityUSD 15358
Jul 2016Kansas CityUSD 21995
Sep 2013Kansas CityUSD 780
Jul 2013Kansas CityUSD 11996

Total = $50129

Siri supports education for underprivileged children in rural India , provides steadfast, comprehensive support throughout their educational journey, spanning from elementary school to college, helping them attain their aspirations through scholarships, financial aid, and mentorship. Alongside this, Siri aims to foster the virtues of volunteerism and community service.
Siri's ultimate mission is to bring about a significant positive change in the lives of underprivileged children, empowering them to recognize and unleash their full potential. We firmly believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to thrive and succeed in life!
Our dedicated volunteers and teachers diligently identify and select deserving children to provide them with support for their higher education. Over the past decade, we have successfully guided and assisted more than 46 students through our scholarship program. Additionally, we have established and operated six libraries in five villages, ensuring access to educational resources for the communities we serve. We also delivered thousands of hours of lectures for competitive tests and personal development, and allocated major funds to education scholarship grants.
Siri Foundation's mission is to create a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged children through educational programs. Siri Foundation provides long-term support to less-fortunate kids with their higher education, working to aid them in achieving their goals through scholarships, financial resources, and mentorship, while instilling the values of volunteerism and community service.
We believe every child deserves a best shot in life!
Our volunteers operate in villages within rural India, with the objective of creating an ecosystem for our students to learn to survive, thrive, and better their communities in.
Siri foundation was founded as a nonprofit charitable trust in 2010 by Srini Chintala, L.V.Narayana Rao and Babu Rao in Vishakhapatnam, AP India. Two of the founding members, Narayana Rao and Babu Rao, are teachers by profession working at government rural schools in India where they interact with kids with great potential, but lacking the resources to succeed. They are passionate about helping misfortune kids, whether it be through mentoring, after school tutoring, or counseling, in order to ensure that kids would not drop out of school.  They had been supporting underprivileged students, but financially constrained to scale their services. After meeting LVN Rao and Babu Rao with a common passion, Srini Chintala from USA decided to team up with them, tapping into his network of resources while Narayana Rao and Babu Rao performed as the ground forces, connecting with kids in need. All three rolled-up their sleeves and founded the Siri Foundation Charitable Trust on 28th July, 2010. 
Srini Chintala and along with his wife Dr.Lakshmi Chintala live in USA, but came from a small village in India and strongly believe in creating opportunities for the less fortunate kids. With a shared passion to giveback to the community, Siri trustees built a strong a team of volunteers who are making a big difference in rural villages.
Siri Foundation is a registered Charity organization in India with a Tax ID: 38/2010. Siri is also a registered NGO in India with 12A, 80G and FCRA certification.
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