Padmashree Society - Asha Kiran Home

Project Brief: Developmental activities with details budget of orphanage ASHA KIRAN HOME
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: children of dalits/tribals

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Hyderabad
Status: completed - things went wrong
Project Steward: Giridhar Kolanupaka
Project Partner(s): Hochiminh Sastri
Other Contacts: Jayanti Golchha
Project Address: , Bachhara Patna,Jatni,Khurda,
Stewarding Chapter: Hyderabad
Jan 2016HyderabadUSD 8671
Apr 2015HyderabadUSD 2182
Mar 2015HyderabadUSD 3245
Jul 2014HyderabadUSD 4355
Oct 2013HyderabadUSD 959
Oct 2013HyderabadUSD 3618
Oct 2012HyderabadUSD 2810
Aug 2012HyderabadINR 155400

Total = $29227.72

Funding has been discontinued since there were some problems with the project partner. Asha for Education is no longer associated with this project.

The project ASHA-KIRAN A Ray of Hope for uncared and destitute children. This project is an ATTEMPT to develop socio-cultural-economic condition of the neglected and uncared children. So we are setting up a “HOME” for socially uncared and neglected children. The HOME is providing lodging, food, recreational, meditation, and light physical works for the inmates. The children below 6 years are provided pre school education. Those who are above 14 years are provided basic education and vocational training. The inmates are encouraged to pursue their hobbies like home works of the school, vocational training, reading, writing and singing. Recreational facilities such as books, magazines, indoor games, TV and video facilities will be provided in day care center. The inmates are taken out for local excursion once in a year.

The Inmates of ASHA KIRAN:

The inmates who are the target group of the project are….

1. Orphans

2. Children living in poor conditions

3.Street children

4. Handicapped, physically or sexually

5. Children in peril, refugees,

1. PADMASHREE wants to improve the health, education and socio-economic of the uncared and neglected children in the khurda district.
2. In advancing the opportunities of children through basic need of socio-economic programme targeting mostly core children, child labour, street children, orphans and children of impoverished families living in the village community of Jatni, Khurda, Orissa.
3. The major objective of the organization is to provide physical, social, and Emotional psychological, economic and health care support to the children with a view to help them to continue to be usefully active members of the community.
4. Our objective is a healthy safe and supportive environment to children.
5. To Reinforce & strengthen the ability & commitment of the family to Provide care to children
6. To create a society, free a child labour destitution, exploitation and abandonment of poor children.
7. To promote the children which the knowledge necessary to become active participants and positive contributors to their communities as well as the human society.
8. To provide children with a sense of belongingness as make them displace in their life.
9. The Most Important Aim & Objective Of The Society Will Be “If The Child Can Not Avail The Basic Facilities, Then The Basic Facilities Must Go To The Child.