Kalanjiyam Trust

Project Brief: Kalanjiyam's main aim is to support people and communities in their own development to bring sustainable and meaningful changes for a better tomorrow.
Project Type: Community Awareness Programs (description)
Primary Focus: health and cleanliness (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Stanford
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Vinay Vemuri
Project Partner(s): Lakshmi Ramakrishnan
Other Contacts: Chandrasekhar Raman
Project Address: , No 11 Avatar apts, ,27 Balakrishnan Road, Valmikinagar, ,Thiruvanmiyur,
TAMIL NADU  600041
Tel: 044 24455568
Stewarding Chapter: Stanford
Dec 2017StanfordUSD 15572
Oct 2016StanfordUSD 13690
Dec 2015StanfordUSD 6509
Aug 2015StanfordUSD 6792
Feb 2015StanfordUSD 6239
Sep 2014CentralNJUSD 7689
Sep 2014StanfordUSD 6426
Apr 2014CentralNJUSD 8714
Mar 2014StanfordUSD 6524
Sep 2013StanfordUSD 6113
Jun 2013CentralNJUSD 6841
May 2013StanfordUSD 2768
Feb 2013StanfordUSD 2340
Oct 2012CentralNJUSD 6563
Jul 2012StanfordUSD 6515
Nov 2011StanfordUSD 8500
Sep 2011CentralNJUSD 6932

Total = $124727

Kalanjiyam does not run separate schools. Kalanjiyam has adopted Panchayat Union schools in Kancheepuram district and work closely to strengthen the schools and the quality of education for all chidlren in these schools. They are presently working in 14 Panchayat Union Schools. Kalanjiyam has been working with the communities and these schools with the goal of reducing drop outs and ensuring that children from these village schools successfully complete school.

They find that there are many students in our village who wish to continue their studies in college or some professional / skill training in ITI's. Kalanjiyam supports such students.

The current proposal / request is for supporting this program so that Kalanjiyam can expand this program and provide support to more students in their villages to continue their education in school or college or some ITI training for skill development.

Asha Stanford is also funding 4 schools supported by Kalanjiyam (Ariyanur, Chinna Venmani, Periya Venmani and Tiruvadoor Panchayats). Please contact b DOT nikhil AT gmail DOT com for information on the Stanford funded schools, if required.

Asha Stanford has approved
Kalanjiyam's mission is to bring impact in a core set of areas such as:
1.Informing and educating families and communities about health and well being, as key to having healthier future generation of children
2.Promoting health and well being of communities, focusing on prevention
3.Increasing exposure and interaction of pre-school children for a strong foundation
4.Ensure primary education and strengthen quality of education
5.Supporting and ensuring that all students go on to complete higher secondary education and increase number students going to college
6.Strengthen, adolescent and youth to provide life-skills and livelihood skills and empower them
Kalanjiyam was founded in 2006 with the vision to bring about a society where future generations will be healthy, have attained educational success and are able to make informed decisions in their lives.
Their efforts are taken up under the premise that a great deal of change can be brought about by investing in children and young people, who are the future of any community.

Kalanjiyam's main aim is to support people and communities in their own development to bring sustainable and meaningful changes for a better tomorrow. Their goal is to develop a community development model with the core guiding principle being the involvement and ownership of the community in the process of development.

Annual newsletters from the organization can be accessed in the link below:
Internal wiki: http://wiki.ashanet.org/display/Chapters/Kalanjiyam