Hijli Inspiration - Sri Sri Ramakrishna Shikshashram

Project Brief: SRI SRI RAMKRISHNA SIKSHASHRAM is working with marginalized students and making them indepent in rural Midnapore area.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: San Diego
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Jayati Marshall
Project Partner(s): Uttam Bera
Other Contacts: Pralay Kumar patra
Project Address: , Village - Kashmuli, PO- Porolda, PS -Belda,Paschim Midnapur,Midnapore,
Tel: 011 91 33 23349945
Stewarding Chapter: San Diego

Asha Stars, if any:

Jayati Marshall

Apr 2018San DiegoUSD 7029
Aug 2017San DiegoUSD 8021
Sep 2016LondonUSD 13261
Jun 2015LondonUSD 14620
May 2014ClevelandUSD 7974
Mar 2013ClevelandUSD 6669
May 2012ClevelandUSD 2250
Aug 2011ClevelandUSD 2250

Total = $62074

In a country like India almost a large number of villages suffer from some basic maladies where a large section of people has no access to potable water, sanitation, shelter and education. This project started to reopen a 8th grade school which was closed year 2009 due to funding problem. This school was established by a donor from Canada (Sujit Chakrabarty) in a rural village of west midnapur, Egra block on 2007. This school was established in an area where mostly poor, underprivileged families are living and there is no high school around the place. SARVIK, a volunteer organization from Kolkata helped to find donor and continue running the school. But after two years they are out of funding, resulting the school was closed. Although few families can afford the cost but most of the families did not able to afford the budget of the school. Once this school will run for few years SARVIK can approach to government for funding for teachers salary and government affiliation. The villages chosen here for conducting project activities are the remotest, backward area of rural West Bengal, situated in the district of west Midnapur.
The present project has two clear objectives.

1.The primary objective as to give education to the children.
2.The second objective is to make them self- sufficient and confident to stand upon themselves.
Hijli INSPIRATION has taken the task of implementing this project and advise on all the legal/accounting from 2015.Previously, the organization supervising the project was Susunia Daksin Roy Kishore Club and Sarvik Vivekananda Gram Seva Sanstha,(http://www.sarvikvivekananda.com/site/, sarvikvivekananda@ymail.com) which was formally registered as a non-profit social organization in 1993-94 with branch centres across eleven districts in West Bengal, Tripura and Orissa providing economical, social, cultural, educational, health.