Shraddha Trust - Turning Schools Around

Project Brief: Teacher Training Program for affordable private schools
Project Type: Other (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Stanford
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Anish Johnson
Project Partner(s): Sheela Menon
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Project Address: , 1/24, Hanumanthappa Layout, Ulsoor Road,,,Bangalore ,
Tel: 91 8025593335
Stewarding Chapter: Stanford
Nov 2016StanfordUSD 4733
Jul 2015StanfordUSD 4695
Oct 2014StanfordUSD 6992
Apr 2013StanfordUSD 5117
Nov 2012StanfordUSD 3061
Nov 2012StanfordUSD 1920
Jun 2012StanfordUSD 3120
Dec 2011StanfordUSD 2380
Jul 2011StanfordUSD 6161

Total = $38179

The Teacher Foundation (TTF) works with the adults in the school system - i.e. heads and teachers - in order to enable and empower them to be more effective in improving the experience and learning levels of students in schools. Their Mission Statement is: To make schools enabling environments for all students by empowering educators to become energetic, effective, reflective and practitioners and life long learners.

This project is an extension of their landmark Turning Schools Around' program piloted in Bangalore over 2009-2011, funded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. This aimed at designing and developing a model of �whole school transformation� for �affordable private schools� (catering to the urban poor) and piloting it in 5 such schools with an aim of getting >20% increase in student learning.

More details on this pilot at:
Short-term goals: To significantly and sustainably change the quality of leadership, teaching-learning and the classroom experience in each affordable private schools, thereby benefitting over 1100 students every year sustainably for the next several years. The direct work will be in building capability of the approx. 50 teachers and the 3 Heads of these schools.

Long-term goals: For these 3 schools, the two-year in-depth intervention is made to be sustainable ie the capacity is built into the school and the community. Each teacher trained teaches approximately 40-50
children in these schools�when you develop the teaching-skills, confidence and subject knowledge in an integrated way of 1 teacher, you impact not only the 40 children she teaches that year, but the children she
will teach in the next 20 years ie about 800 children. Hence equipping 50 teachers with these skills impacts 40,000 student-years. This would be the long-term goal in these 3 schools

For TTF, we aim to take this project to over 500 such schools all over the country over the next 5 years, thereby impacting 300,000 children per year in a sustainable way.
TTF was founded in June 2002 in Bangalore (Karnataka), and since its founding, it has worked on several projects, involving both private and government schools, in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka - more details here: