Timbaktu Collective - Children and Youth Resource Center

Project Brief: The Children & Youth Resource Center (CYRC) of Timbaktu Collective is a space for village children and youth to have access to a library, arts & craft, laboratory, computers and playground. It also acts as a vocational training center for adolesce
Project Type: Resource Centers (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Bangalore
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Anjana Mohan
Project Partner(s): Manikandan V
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Timbaktu Collective,CK Palli ,Chennakothapalli Village,
Tel: 91855940335
Stewarding Chapter: Bangalore
Sep 2022BangaloreUSD 15685
Oct 2021BangaloreUSD 21559
Jun 2020BangaloreUSD 16421
Nov 2019BangaloreUSD 15163
Nov 2018BangaloreUSD 9029
Dec 2017BangaloreUSD 15138
Jan 2017BangaloreUSD 9121
Sep 2016BangaloreUSD 4573
Dec 2015BangaloreUSD 4431
Jan 2015BangaloreUSD 6379
Oct 2014BangaloreUSD 9567
Oct 2013BangaloreUSD 5880
Oct 2012BangaloreINR 520000
Feb 2012BangaloreINR 460150
Dec 2011BangaloreUSD 4072
Feb 2011BangaloreUSD 8150
Jan 2010BangaloreINR 582000

Total = $179222.87

The Children's Resource Center run by Timbaktu Collective is located in C.K.Palli village (Ananthapur, A.P.) and is a space for village children and youth to have access to a library, arts & craft, games, maker space with power tools, organic gardens, community stage and theater space. It also acts as a vocational training center for adolescent girls. The skills include tailoring, weaving, bamboo work, wood work, etc.

The Objectives of the CRC are:
1. To provide a learning space with a variety of resources accessible to the children
2. To create opportunities for children to learn various crafts
3. To create facilities for celebration of events and festivals.

Timbaktu Collective works on rural development in three mandals - C.K.Palli, Ramgiri and Roddam of India's second most drought prone district, Ananthapur in AP. For over 20 years they have done this through eco-restoration, child and youth rights, women's self-help groups, organic farming and producer owned business enterprise development and efforts in alternative education.

Timbaktu runs a school called Prakruthi Badu, which is also funded by Asha. The project page for Prakruthi Badi is here:
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