Jamghat - A Group of Street Children

Project Brief: Jamghat aims to help children living and working on the streets of Delhi re-join society by offering opportunities for street children and society alike to make changes. ASHA is supporting the 24 hour shelter with uniforms, tutors and books.
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Berkeley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Ishan Shah
Project Partner(s): Zaira Rahim
Other Contacts: Shakuntala Sadhu
Project Address: , F 2, First Floor, ,Lado Sarai,,New Delhi,
DELHI  110030
Tel: 91-11-29522112
Stewarding Chapter: Berkeley
Mar 2023BerkeleyUSD 6539
Jun 2022BerkeleyUSD 11612
Oct 2021BerkeleyUSD 6556
Apr 2020BerkeleyUSD 5247
Jun 2019BerkeleyUSD 15086
Jul 2018BerkeleyUSD 20907
Jun 2017BerkeleyUSD 27276
Apr 2017BerkeleyUSD 11636
Dec 2015BerkeleyUSD 8598
Sep 2014BerkeleyUSD 2856
Apr 2014BerkeleyUSD 2832
Jun 2013BerkeleyUSD 3334
Oct 2011BerkeleyUSD 3000
Sep 2010BerkeleyUSD 3500

Total = $128979

Jamghat runs a 24 hour shelter at Lado Sarai, Delhi. ASHA will provide support to this shelter by funding uniforms and books for the children along with a tutor.
To help children living and working on the streets of Delhi to realize their dreams and re-join society by offering opportunities for street children and society alike to make changes in their lives.
Established in 2003, Jamghat comprises of young adult professionals and volunteers with a variety of skills and experiences. Their ultimate vision is to rehabilitate children and give them confidence to take part in society, while educating society to allow their growth.
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