The Learning Tea

Project Brief: The Learning Tea project aims to provide education to children and support orphans (Support-A-Child program) in Darjeeling (presently) and tentatively Assam, Nilgiri areas in future.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: girls (description)

Secondary Focus: orphans

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Atlanta
Status: Proposal - Closed
Project Steward: Anuradha Bulusu
Project Partner(s): Shampa Roy
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Trinita Society for Social Education and Health Research,19, Kankulia Road,Kolkata,
Stewarding Chapter: Atlanta

Total = $0

Asha Atlanta and The Learning Tea mutually agreed to discontinue this effort.
The Learning Tea started as a personal project of Dr. Bombay’s coffee shop owner Katrell Christie in Atlanta after one of her trips to India, in July 2009.

Currently 5 students are supported in Kolkata with Trinita as a partner working in Grass root level. The scholarship is given on the basis of the following conditions :

1. Girls keep up their grades. If they fail a class once they are on
probation, if they fail it twice they will be dropped from the
scholarships program.
2. Each girl put 10 hours a month into volunteer work and maintain
their own service project at a local place that needs their help.
3. Each girl has to write Katrell an email every week telling me about
their school studies, service project work and how they are doing.
4. Each girl and parent commit to the full term of college, that they
cannot drop out and get married.
5. The parents must fully support this project with words of
encouragement to their daughters.
The Learning Tea project aims to provide education to children and support orphans and needy students as Support-A-Child program in India.
The initiatives started as a personal effort and currently a part of this effort is in partnership with Trinita for supporting 5 girls in Kolkata. The goal is the program to extend support to many students all over the India with focus on Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri..