Asha Trust - Asha Mumbai Center

Project Brief: ASha Mumbai chapter has changed the premises for better functioning and creating opportunities for conducting not only the academic support classes for students from Surrounding slums in Powai but also to be able to cater to the needs of grown ups who ar
Project Type: Tuition Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Mumbai
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Smita Puniyani
Project Partner(s): Manasi Vijaygopal
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Ground floor Paradise II building Mukteshwar Ashram Rd Opp,, Opp Mukteshwar Ashram Opp. IIT Main Gate Powai,Mumbai,
Tel: 022 25787466
Stewarding Chapter: Mumbai
Aug 2021MumbaiUSD 22073
Sep 2020MumbaiUSD 3764
Jul 2020MumbaiUSD 30972
May 2020MumbaiUSD 5061
Dec 2019MumbaiINR 677387
Jul 2019MumbaiUSD 29294
Jun 2018MumbaiUSD 38454
May 2017MumbaiUSD 25253
Jun 2016MumbaiUSD 15937
Mar 2016MumbaiINR 448200
Jul 2015MumbaiUSD 15761
Jun 2014MumbaiUSD 15347
Jan 2013MumbaiUSD 14900
Jun 2010MumbaiUSD 14667
Jun 2009MumbaiUSD 6181
Jan 2009MumbaiUSD 2557

Total = $264758.7966

Asha Mumbai Center teaches 120+60+20 underprivileged children staying in slums nearby. They come from 1st to 12th standards from Municipality school and from different mediums-Marathi, Hindi, English and Urdu.

We try to enhance the potential of these children and promote their abilities to think, to explore and to contemplate. We support them in all these efforts through our innovative teaching methods, providing them with audio visuals, printed material and books, with interactive sessions as well.
We extensively focus on use of technology and try to expand their horizons beyond walls of classrooms extensively. We continuously develop our own IT center and digital facilities. That is why in recent Covid 19 pandemic lockdown of the city we were quickly able to create our Asha Mumbai Covid 19 Resilient Educational Program.
Here are some features of our educational activities:
1. We undertake the regular classes for children to develop their basic literacy skills in Morning, Afternoon & Evening batches. We are also conducting computer training classes for higher 5th to 9th std children mainly on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. We conduct demo classes on science, environment, social science and general knowledge with the help of most dedicated volunteers who interact with our children on regular basis.

3. We have library facility and reading material for the kids and are collecting the books on various subjects to improve children’s ability to read and learn by themselves.

4. We arrange workshops on Activities like Drawing, Crafting etc. to motivate children’s ingenuity. Children are taken on outing trips to places like National Park, Nehru Science Center etc. to experience the nature and science along with the fun.
Project Goals
1. To enhance the quality of education, the municipal school quality gap is huge.
2. To prevent students from dropping out and accelerate community development on issues of school education.
3. To help students for their personality development through activities and activity based learning.
4. To provide exciting learning environment at the center and connect the students with bigger learning platforms through technology.
5) To Create an opportunity for the employ ability for the adult men and women by conducting various skilling courses like growing micro nutrients, stitching , elderly care, marketing, banking, and programmimg etc.
1. To enhance the quality of education, the municipal school quality gap in Powai is huge.
2. TO Prevent students from dropping out
3. To accelerate Community development on issues of school education
4. To help students for their personality development through cultural activities
Asha Mumbai has progressed further with the activities we are conducting at the center. After receiving CSR we have planned to expand our spheres of work in various directions we have started the projects
1) Nutrition and counselling course , also along with that we are introducing students with entrepreneurship, banking , marketing etc. 2) We have started the vocational training program for the women and college drop outs by organizing stitching classes , training in beauticians course, Elderly care , Learning about Microgreens and selling the products.All these above activities are aimed at creating the opportunities for women to to get empowered economically.
Asha Mumbai Center will be moving ahead with creating a model for better education and opportunity for getting employment and learn to be enter pruners with the help of various programs being conducted at Asha center.
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