Asha Bangalore projects resource person

Project Brief: A full-time resource person who will contribute to Asha Bangalore's (and possibly other Asha chapters in India) interactions with the projects supported by the chapter
Project Type: Resource Centers (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Bangalore
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sharad Jaiswal
Project Partner(s): Sharad Jaiswal
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Asha Bangalore Chapter,,Bangalore,
Stewarding Chapter: Bangalore

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Asha Bangalore will support a full time resource person who in tandem with the chapter will contribute to the activities and interactions of the chapter with its supported projects. Briefly, this resource person will visit several grass-root level organisations in India, imbibe the best practices of these organisations and subsequently work with organisations supported by Asha Bangalore to cross-pollinate ideas and practices.
Asha Bangalore, keeping with the tradition of Asha for Education (US), has been a fully voluntary group with all members being part-time volunteers. Over the past few years the group has felt the need of a full-time resource person to make our engagements with our project partners more meaningful and enriching for both our partners as well as Asha. Though this need has been felt for more than 2 years Asha Bangalore has been reluctant to act on it since an appropriate person was not available to play this critical role. Asha Bangalore does not envisage this person as an administrative help but rather a person who understand the issues of schooling deeply. We carried out a search, and identified Mr. Madhavraj, previously associated with the Puvidham trust to be this resource person. This project page will track his activities and experiences.
Mr. Madhavraj G is the current resource person. Madhavraj has been a trustee of Puvidham Rural Development Trust and the correspondent of Puvidham Nursery and Primary School. Puvidham is a project partner for Asha for Education for almost a decade now. Madhavraj has experience in teaching as well as administration for more than 9 years. He has a BBA degree and is also acquired the D.Ed. certificate recently.

Please see the documents attached to this project page for further details on his background.