Vidya Vanam - Bhuvana Foundation

Project Brief: This project is to support part of educational costs associated with Vidyavanam school led by Bhuvana Foundation.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Atlanta
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sang Venkatraman
Project Partner(s): Prema Rangachary
Other Contacts: Padmanava Sen
Project Address: , Bhuvana Foundation Thuvaipathy Road, ,,Anaikatty,
TAMIL NADU  641108
Tel: 44-24344433
Stewarding Chapter: Atlanta
May 2010AtlantaUSD 1000

Total = $1000

This project is to support part of educational costs associated with Vidyavanam school led by Bhuvana Foundation.The Bhuvana foundation has put in place the infrastucture that will mee the needs of 50 students. The educational objectives of the school are to ensure that the chidren are able to read, write and be competent in computational skills. The school curriculum is structured such that the student learns the elements of language and computation not through rote techniques, but through methods that employ self learning skills with free discourse and discussion with peers and teachers. Evaluation involves not only if the student got the "right answer" but if they got their thinking process right.
Implicit in education of the students, continuing development of teachers are in place. The teachers have been recruited from the village of Annaikatti and have received training in Bangalore and Pondicherry prior to beginning their tenure in the curriculum. The school is also open to novel methodologies of learning that may become available to facilitate their learning.
The main aims of the Bhuvana foundation are to:
a) provide education that is relevant in a child centred manner
b) provide a learning atmosphere where the classroom becomes a laboratory for questioning and learning
c) develop a safe and amiable environment for interaction with peers and adults
d) provide tools of learning that encourage self-discipline and self learning
e) learn in groups that encourages discourse between teachers and students alike
f) through arts and crafts to invoke the inherent sense of aesthetics creativity and beauty that is present in every child
g) enable children to recognize and appreciate the diverse cultural aspects of India and incorportae them in their learning
The Bhuvana foundation was started as means to impart educational and health needs to the disadvantaged parts of Indian society. The founders of the organization have chosen education of tribal children in undersereved areas as the prinicpal focus of their activities. The strengths and the resources that were available in the different individual members of the board were in the field of education. Also, one of the founders Prema Rangachary (secretary of Bhuvan foundation) has worked with the Balwadi group in the villages around Anniakatti for three years and was familiar with issues pertaining to early education. In numerous interactions with the village headman, the villagers voiced a clear need for education of their children as their main need, including the teaching of English. For these reasons, it was felt that a school in which education was given in the regional language and English, that was devoted to tribal children in Annaikatti met the goals and vision of the Bhuvana foundation.