Hijli Inspiration - Kamarhati Centers Kolkata

Project Brief: This project is to support Community based Accelerated Reading and Bridge Course Programme with a special focus on mainstreaming children at risk.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: children of sex workers

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Atlanta
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Padmanava Sen
Project Partner(s): Chandreyee Das
Other Contacts: Anuradha Bulusu
Project Address: , GC-1, 1st Floor, Sector-III, Salt Lake City,Kolkata,
Tel: 913323587241
Stewarding Chapter: Atlanta
May 2018AtlantaUSD 14889
Nov 2017AtlantaUSD 8093
Apr 2017AtlantaUSD 14063
Jun 2016AtlantaUSD 1605
Apr 2016AtlantaUSD 8248
Jan 2016Research Triangle ParkUSD 1719
Jun 2015AtlantaUSD 6021
Feb 2015Research Triangle ParkUSD 1167
Apr 2014AtlantaUSD 4997
Mar 2014AtlantaUSD 2834
Jan 2014Research Triangle ParkUSD 801
Apr 2013AtlantaUSD 3797
Sep 2012AtlantaUSD 2850
Feb 2012AtlantaUSD 310
Dec 2011AtlantaUSD 1700
Jul 2011AtlantaUSD 850
May 2010AtlantaUSD 1800

Total = $75744

The bridging the divide programme intends to adopt a bi pronged approach :
Accelerated Reading : Exposing children, in general, to the world of books and subsequently enhancing their reading and comprehension capabilities
Bridging the curricular gap : Identifying not going-to-school children and mainstreaming them through a bridge course syllabus

The combination of the two will ensure the quantitative and qualitative aspects of universalisation of education. Another cross cutting approach would be
-> Community Institutionalisation and stakeholder integration for sustainability: Interacting with the community, the parents , the local institutions to initiate a process of social auditing and ownership.
-> Strategic research and documentation : Research and documentation of success cases would help in organizational learning and sharing among the network.

Partnership with Asha Atlanta Chapter started in 2010 with a backup coaching and basic skill development programme for 125 children in the slums of Kamarhati.
Apart from Back Up Coaching support, donors can support five students from marginalized community via the Support A Child program.
You can support a student from this project for $12 a month. Partial or one-time support also welcome.
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This project is to support Community based Accelerated Reading and Bridge Course Programme with a special focus on mainstreaming children at risk.

Institute for Planning, Innovative Research, Appropriate Training and Extension (Regd. Name: Hijli INSPIRATION)was established in 1996. INSPIRATION was formed by a group of IIT Kharagpur Alumni. The genesis of the organisation was caused by the need for an organizational platform that would be able to provide the multidisciplinary support and integrated treatment for effective and appropriate solutions to a spectrum of national socioeconomic problems.The main objective of the organisation is to carry out research / study / action oriented projects on socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues aimed at improving quality of life of people especially the weaker sections of the society and promoting eco-utilisation and preservation of natural resources.