Workers Development Society - Shramik Kalyan Vidya Vihar

Project Brief: The mision of WDS is to implement various programs for upliftment of the underpriviliged illeterate, poor and backward people of South Orissa. The school started by the workers union for providing education to their children.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Delaware
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Sagar Doshi
Project Partner(s): Sagar Doshi
Other Contacts: Abhishek Iyer
Project Address: , First Gate, AT/PO Berhampur, Dist Ganjam, Orissa,AT/PO Berhampur,Berhampur,
ORISSA  760001
Tel: 06802270812
Stewarding Chapter: Delaware
Nov 2017DelawareUSD 10461
Jul 2009DelawareUSD 5000

Total = $15461

Sramika Kalyana Vidya Bihar is a school maintained by Workers Development Society (WDS). This organization is a union of truck workers at Behrampur, Orissa.The school changed its name from Workers Development Society(WDS) Public School to Sramika Kalyana Vidya Bihar in 1996. Currently school enrolls and delivers free education to kids of the WDS members. Outsiders pay a minimum cost for the working of the school. Even though they take students from Class 1 to Class X, they do not have any minimum facilities such as science lab, good teachers etc.. There are only 3 faculty members who teaches all the classes from Class VIII to Class X. Library, physics,chemistry lab are confined to three different cupboards in one room. They are unable to get good teachers to teach students. They also have limited infrastructure which makes them to teach class 1 to class ten in few rooms.This is not allowing the students from class 9 to 10 to focus on all subjects.
We would like to invest for the infrastructure developments of the school. We got the quotations from them to extend the ground floor and build a first floor where they can use it for lab facilities.
The main goal of the WDS is to implement various programs for the upliftment of the poor backward underprivileged children of Orissa. Education can solve many problems facing people and it can make people think how to enrich their lives. The government of India recently launched Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) to achieve universalization of elementary education. They want to try to match up that spirit.
Apart from education they conduct health camps by contacting voluntary organisations. They also distributes medical aids and free mediciens to workers families.
The school is maintained by Workers Development Society(WDS).It is a union of truck workers.