Sarva Vidya

Project Brief: Sarva Vidya Trust supports deserving high school students (with a focus on girl children) with scholarships and orients them with options in the paramedical field. The students who get average marks are encouraged to take up one year certification or
Project Type: Vocational Training (description)
Primary Focus: girls (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Stanford
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Rahul Batra
Project Partner(s): Mrs. Thenmozhi
Other Contacts: Vandana Hariharan
Project Address: , Rameshwar Apartments, No1, Rajambal Street,T.Nagar,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600017
Tel: 9789014268
Stewarding Chapter: Stanford
Jun 2019StanfordUSD 3808
Nov 2018StanfordUSD 15350
Oct 2017StanfordUSD 19798
Oct 2016StanfordUSD 17828
May 2016StanfordUSD 6703
Nov 2015StanfordUSD 6824
Nov 2014StanfordUSD 14453
Jul 2014StanfordUSD 5790
Dec 2013StanfordUSD 5701
May 2013StanfordUSD 4827
Dec 2012StanfordUSD 2991
Sep 2012StanfordUSD 1225
Mar 2012StanfordUSD 4000
Nov 2011StanfordUSD 4720
Jul 2011DallasUSD 2500
May 2011StanfordUSD 2500
Oct 2010DallasUSD 7555
Oct 2010StanfordUSD 2500
Oct 2009DallasUSD 2500
Oct 2009StanfordUSD 2500

Total = $134073

Sarva Vidya Trust is an educational trust started with an aim to empower and enable girl children to enable the society. They believe that each child successfully educated and enabled with a satisfying job will contribute to the upliftment of their family as well as their society. Thus they work towards imparting job oriented value based education with a focus on the paramedical field.

Sarva Vidya was established through an initiative taken by a charitable trust called Brthya. Brthya conducts pilot projects for assessing the possibility of success, scalability and reliability. Once the concept is viable then Brthya locates Social Entrepreneurs. Sarva Vidya is one such concept.

During the last decade, a number of small hospitals have emerged in cities across the country. With this increase in the number of hospitals, there has also been a corresponding increase in the demand for Nursing and Paramedical staff. For cost reasons, most of these small hospitals prefer to hire Nurse Aides and Nursing Assistants rather than a GNM. This has spawned a considerable demand for Nursing Aids and Assistants. Other areas where there are high demands for well qualified nurses are in geriatric care and home nursing for terminally ill patients. Sarva Vidya seeks to educate and train under-privileged girl children and rural high school students in this area and enable them to support their families.

Sarva Vidya provides vocational training through conducting
• One Year Certification for Nursing Aid (41 Students currently enrolled).
• Two Year Diploma for Nursing Assistant. (There are 21 students for the first year and 6 students in the second year program.)
For the one year certification program, Sarva Vidya gets a list of students from Ramakrishna Institution. Students are also selected from the lower strata of the society with the help of another NGO known as SRS Sarvodaya.

For the two year program Sarva Vidya coordinator (Thenmozhi) goes to the nearby villages (nearer to the Chennai city) and solicits the help of local self help groups in selecting suitable candidates. In addition to this, the coordinator conducts career guidance programs in selected schools. During this process, suitable candidates (poor) are also selected for the one year program.

Sarva Vidya conducts these programs in the building of Sri Ramakrishnamath Saradha Vidhyalaya Higher Secondary School.The academic aspect of the curriculum is guided by Mrs. Saraswathi Vaidyanathan. She holds a Diploma in Nursing and has around 43 years of combined clinical and teaching experience. The program also employs 3 other instructors. Along with the academic aspect, Sarva Vidya works with various hospitals in Chennai to engage students in practical training and their future employment.

This project has been adapted as SUPPORT A CHILD PROGRAM. Please visit the following website to support a child for as low as 30$/Month.

The main objectives of Sarva Vidya Trust are:
1. Job oriented professional education
2. Colleges within schools
3. Value added education
Sarva Vidya was established on 5th of May 2008 and is now managed by Mrs Thenmonzi Venkatesan. Mrs Thenmonzi holds a MSc in Psychology, Dip. in Community Development and Child Welfare, and a Certificate in counseling and Psychotherapy. She has worked in various NGOs and in all she has 12 years of experience in this field. She was also awarded as a Best Entrepreneur by Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation Limited. The parent organization is Brthya, which runs a number of such concepts and seeks social entrepreneurs to spread the model. The other projects initiated by Brthya are

• Shraddha – A Home Nursing Project
• Family Physician center – Clinic