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Arz deals with issues connected with trafficking of humans for the purpose of prostitution, and deals with the victims of prostitution, the perpetrators as well as individuals who are vulnerable to prostitution.
2Digraj School
Digraj School, located in the remote backward region of Maharashtra, was started by the locals with their own resources to provide education for students in the surrounding area who were dropping-out due to long commutes.
3Education for All
Provide preliminary and supplementary education to the children of daily laborers.
4Fellowship: Harsha
Project DescriptionHarsha, 31, based in Mumbai, is an IT and Social Networking activist, implementing his innovative solutions to resolve social problems.Harsha started India 700k activities with mission to develop village sites / informati...
5Jeevan Daan Samiti (JDS)
Jeevan Daan Samiti is a project started due to the efforts of one individual who wanted to bring about a change in the lives of the children of the migrant kiln labourers in the Matuchauri village in Saidpur Tehsil of Mirzapur district of UP
6JNMI - Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Institute for the Visually Handicapped
The basic objective NAB Sikkim, is to educate, train and rehabilitate the physically and visually challenged persons in Sikkim state. Keeping this objective in mind, the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Institute for the Handicapped (JNMIH) was established.
7Mahatma Gandhi Residential High School (MGRS)
MGRS is a boys residential school from class 8 to class 10, for boys who discontinued school after their 7th class to go and work in hotels. Asha will support one batch of students from class 8th to 10th.
8Progressive Rural Active Youths Action for Society - SMC Project
A school to educate children of migrant poor workers
9Pudhiyadhor Charitable Trust - Pudiyador Centers
Pudiyador: A non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of children living in poverty through education and social support, based in chennai. Asha Colorado supports centers in: Ramapuram (2 centers), Vannandurai, Urur Kuppam, and Saligramam in C
10SAADOW - Social Awareness and Development Organization for Women
SAADOW runs tuition centers to supplement basic education for children in 10 villages in the Natham block in Dindigul district.
11Sadbhav Mission
Objective of the mission:To assist children in Maths, Hindi, English, and social science To teach Maths and Hindi to drop out children To set up a rapport with the parents To develop creative and handicraft skills among children ...
12Samajik Navnirman Sanstha (SNS)
Smajik Navnirman Sanstha (SNS) is a grass-root organization which provides after-school educational classes and computer education/services in villages dominated by SC/ST community. Asha is funding teacher's salary and one-time computer expenses.
13Sampark - Ajol
Ajol foundation provides education and employment skills to chilcren of domestic workers.
14Sebama Foundation
Sebama Foundation runs a residential school for mentally handicapped, physically disabled and hearing impaired children on the outskirts of Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu. The school is the only one of its kind in the area.
15Viswa Bharati Vidyodaya
Vidyodaya School, located near Gudalur in the Nilgiris, TN, teaches mostly tribal children. Asha will support operation of a school bus and construction of classroom.