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Maharastra Aikyawardhak Vidhya Mandir (MAVM) is a school catering to the children from the slum areas in Ghatkopar, Chembur and Tilak-nagar in Mumbai, India. Asha Purdue is financially supporting the primary classes (kinder-garden to fifth grade).
2Basundhara - Sri Aurobindo Integral School
SAIS Basundhara is a residential school for orphaned/abandoned children and its prime objective is to provide a descent and normal childhood, along with qualitative teaching to the kids of Basundhara. http://www.saisbasundhara.org/index.htm
3Chetanalaya-Shades of Happiness
Asha Purdue will provide support to carry out after school tuition and weekend activities for children supported by Shades of Happiness Foundation.
4Diksha Foundation - Khel Project
Funding a computer center to help in computer literacy among unemployed youth and children from nearby slums.
5Fellowship: Gautam Gauri
This project is created for the Asha fellowship application for Gautam Gauri, founder of Diksha Foundation that Asha Purdue has been supporting since 2012.
6Manasa Special School for Disabled
Special school for mentally challenged that serves around 85 students as of November 2017. Project website: http://www.manasaindia.org/.
7Nari Gunjan - Aavishkaar
Nari Gunjan in collaboration with Aavishkaar aims to empower women of Musahar community through education, by nurturing a sense of excitement and curiosity in school-age community through hands-on experiences and experiments.
8Nirmaan Organization - Vidya Helpline
Vidya HelpLine is one of the flagship projects of Nirmaan Organization, providing career guidance to students. So far the project has supported more than 1.6 Lakh rural students and dropouts through various innovative services.
9Peoples Health Organisation - Saheli Creche
Creche for providing support and education to children of sex workers in red light district of Pune city.