Give a child clean water and education

Nagepur village is a remote village in the northern part of India. Located near Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh, India), this village once boasted of a thriving community of skilled craftsmen who manufactured the famous ‘Banarasi saris‘ (traditional Indian women-wear known for the intricate handiwork and quality). With the decline in sales of handmade saris over the last 10 years, the entire region has declined into a state of poverty, leading to child labor and lack of focus on education.

In order to improve this situation, Asha for Education helped establish a charitable school – “Asha Samajik Vidyala” (or Asha Community School; “Asha” means Hope in Hindi) in the region. The school has now become an integral part of the social change movement in the village. Currently, the school has two centers and provides primary education and non-formal education to elementary and upper-elementary grade students (1st to 5th grade). Currently, 723 children (girls:boys = 1:1) are receiving education through this school and satellite centers. Education is provided free of cost to the students here. The school has inspired the creation of 11 Kishori Kendras (Women’s Centers – for providing vocational training to females) and more than 30 women’s self-help groups in the region with the help of local support.


Recently, over the summer, donors helped Asha for Education fund the construction of a new Asha Community School (replacing the old dilapidated building being used before). However, the construction could not be completed because of shortage of funds. Some basic amenities are sorely needed.
  1. Doors and windows (for the school building) – $1667
  2. Painting the school building walls – $1833
  3. Electric light and fan for the classrooms – $2000
  4. Separate toilets for girls – $1333
  5. Drinking water reservoir – $667
  6. Science lab – $500
  7. Inverter and battery (for power outage) – $1000
The school desperately needs the items listed above. Please contribute and help the cause. Asha for Education is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible! Any amount small or large will be gratefully accepted and will help us reach our goal.

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