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August 1 – Oct 15, 2013

Dear Asha patrons, 
You may have heard about Asha for Education, you may have donated to the cause, or volunteered with a chapter in the past, you may have even run the half marathon (if you were brave!), but how well do you know you the 2013 Work an Hour projects that we’re raising funds for?

Here are some interesting facts about 3 projects we are supporting to pique your interest:

Did you know that Swanirvar-Shikshamitra, in Kolkata, goes against the tide of “one-size-fits-all” curriculum and instead devices a curriculum that makes learning fun? Read more here, and help them raise the funds they need.

What happens to mentally and physically challenged children in India? With few options, its a wonder that organizations like Prayas exist. Prayas works to provide inclusive education to differently abled children. Donate generously and help them touch even more lives.

Have you ever despaired about child labor in India? Bal Ashram Trust through the Bachpan Bachao Andolan in Rajasthan is trying to provide education and a different life to the Banjara community – an itinerant community- whose children would otherwise remain deprived of education. Lend them your support and help plant a passion for education.

These are just a few of the 12 amazing projects that support education in India.

And finally, you are all perhaps aware that your dollar contributions will go farther these days.
Increase your impact by using company matching and donate generously to these worthy causes.

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