Asha for Education Presents Work-An-Hour 2013

August 1 – September 30, 2013
Dear Asha Patrons 
Welcome to another year of Asha for Education‘s Work an Hour initiative! Like past years, this is Asha’s annual effort to kick start fundraising efforts to support hand-picked projects that are based in India. This year, we are supporting 12 projects and are committed to raising $145,338 which in turn will directly benefit over 3,900 children.
So how did we all get here? This has been a labor of love with chapter stewards and volunteers from across the country vying to get their projects the additional funding that they so desperately need. The process starts early in the year with chapters being asked to submit their proposals for funding. Funding requests are then analyzed by a larger group of WAH team members and projects are selected based on the project proposal, utilization plans for the funds and the project’s future potential.
What do the funds mean to the projects? The money raised via WAH means that selected projects can continue funding enhancements and making the strides they are, for yet another year. For some projects, it means being able to pay the salaries of teachers, for others, it means having funds to continue fighting something as basic as human trafficking and forced prostitution. Your generous donation will be paying for India’s future by making her present more equitable. There are many stories, and many worthwhile causes that can continue with your support.

And, this is where you come in. Donating to Asha, towards a particular project or to the campaign as a whole will help some amazing initiatives. 
Visit our site at and read about the different projects and donate generously. Remember if your company honors company-matching, we strongly urge you to take advantage of the scheme and increase your impact.

Finally, a word from one of our project presidents-
Without Asha’s support 200 disadvantaged young Indians would be without vocational training and placement today. This is cause enough for celebration, but what really feels good is the collaborative nature of their support for us. We feel like genuine partners, and we look forward to Asha team’s visits to our centers; their interaction with us and our trainees reflects their genuine concern and enthusiasm for skill development and employability.”                                                                                  — Dr Meenakshi Nayar, President, Etasha Society
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