Social Impact NGO award

Social Impact NGO award by The Times of India

Navsarjan Trust, one of Asha Boston/MIT’s partners, won the “Advocacy and Empowerment” Social Impact NGO award by The Times of India. Please continue to support Asha-Boston/MIT through donations, volunteering and raising awareness.
From the archives of the ToI website – 
ADVOCACY & EMPOWERMENTCORPORATE: None GOVERNMENT: District Administration Gwalior | Setting up decentralised hubs to deliver public services efficiently and punctually; benefits more than 2 lakh every year NGO: Joint award Association for Democratic Reform | Improves voter knowledge by disseminating information on candidates contesting local and national elections through all media across the countryNavsarjan Trust | Empowers dalits, tribal communities, religious minorities and women; works with close to 2 lakh people every year in Gujarat