Thank you for making WAH 2012 a Success

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Dear Asha Patrons, 


Thanks to the enthusiastic support of donors like you, Work an Hour 2012 (our 15th Annual fundraiser) has been successful in raising close to $128,000 from ~850 donors.


We are confident we can reach 100% of our target $150K if we can effectively add the corporate matching donations. It will be of great help to that effort if you can match your donation to Asha for Education by your employer.
Asha for Education is already included in the non-profit list of many employers. You can search using our federal employee identification number (77-0459884). Please mention “Work-An-Hour-2012” as a note while submitting the matching request. A list of employers is given at
Also, it will be really beneficial for us if you can submit this form for Matching Donations. Feel free to contact us at for any questions/suggestions.
You can always find updates regarding Asha for education and Work-An-Hour at
We thank you once again for your support to provide the underprivileged an Impetus to Succeed.



Warm Regards 


Volunteers of Asha for Education