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Jul  15 – Sep 30, 2012
Dear Asha Patrons, 


Imagine…..that you walk into a restaurant. You are struck by innocence on the faces of young children, who clean tables and dishes, and also serve you food. Instead of being in school, they work and earn as low as $0.50 per day. They are a sobering reminder of India’s 12 million child laborers, who have been deprived of opportunities to learn to read and write. They work in brick kilns, factories, or as sex workers and domestic laborers. Abuse is a reality they live with every day of their lives.

We, at ‘Asha for Education’ strive to bring about a socioeconomic change in the society by providing education to such children. As intractable the problem of the illiteracy in India may seem, all it takes to bring a change is one little bit of contribution from everyone who had the privilege of being educated. And that is exactly what we are asking of you today as a part of our “Work an Hour” campaign ( One hour of your salary as a donation. For the past 14 years in this campaign, small donations from compassionate donors like you have helped Asha for Education put tens of thousands of kids into school in India.
We need your support again this year to make the 15th ‘Work an Hour’ campaign a success. In 2011 alone, we transformed the lives of more than 50,000 children and our 501 (c)(3) organization earned a 4 star (top) rating from Charity Navigator for ‘Financial’ responsibility. Please make your contribution and help us bring hope to an underprivileged kid. Remember, One hour–That’s all it takes to change a life!


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We have a range of projects from various parts of India for you to choose from.



Warm Regards 


Asha for Education Volunteers   

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