Sudha, a shining example

A student from Reward trust (WAH 2011 Project) scores big in Engineering entrance exam 

Any school going child when provided with the right kind of resources can go on to achieve academic excellence irrespective of the socio-economic background which he/she comes from. That is one of the foundational philosophies that we at Asha for Education and our project partners strongly believe in and hold dear to our hearts. 

One of the latest examples of our student achieving excellence is Sudha, from Koovathur Higher Secondary School in Tamilnadu. This is a school where four REWARD Trust teachers work in tandem with about 20 government school teachers handling a student population of 1400. One of the students from this school – Sudha, who despite coming from an economically backward family, practically living in a hut with borrowed electricity, went on to put up an exemplary performance in the recent engineering entrance exams. She scored an overall Engineering cut off of 191/200 with a near perfect 197/200 in Math, 190/200 in Physics and 180/200 in Chemistry. While these subjects were taught by the government teachers, it was one of the REWARD teachers, Sampath Kumar who stood as a solid mentor behind her by providing her with the necessary additional study material, while personally ensuring that Sudha received the needed additional assistance.

Sudha’s performance was outstanding such that she secured a seat in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Madras Insitute of Technology through the single window scheme-not an easy achievement by any means. Dr. V.Sridhar, the founder and coordinator of REWARD trust who is also a researcher at the atomic research center, told us that this is the first time a student from a village in the neighborhood of Kalpakkam has achieved this feat that was almost considered impossible. In the words of Dr. Sridhar, “While the credit for this achievement goes to Sudha and all the hard work she has put into her academics, she indirectly owes this success to the Silicon Valley chapter of Asha for Education which was supporting the REWARD Trust project. REWARD trust is hopeful that her status in life will change for good.” 
Well Dr. Sridhar, we have no doubt that Sudha will go on to achieve many more great things in life. We are proud to be behind her and the REWARD Trust project. Congratulations to Sudha and to the entire REWARD Trust team!
— Asha for Education