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The silence of good men is more dangerous than the brutality of bad men. 
– Martin Luther King
Alo and Akanksha, children of sex workers, never imagined that they would complete their secondary education, go on to college and accepted in mainstream society. Nishitha, an organization in West Bengal made this possible. Education has radically altered their lives and it can give thousands of children in a similar situation a hope (ASHA) to stand on their own feet. These girls can help shape the future of our society and its more important than ever to see that they are educated.Aadarana, Nishtha, Mahila Vvikas and ABWU are showcased in Work an Hour 2011 that protect and educate girls in India.
Vareching comes from a physically abusive home, plagued with mental illness and extreme poverty. Against all these odds, he is studying at the TEP School – along with 500 other children – in a remote and impoverished region of Manipur. The well being of the people from remote areas is vital for functioning and well being of the society as a whole. Work an Hour 2011 showcases 5 projects (BTS, FORWORD, REWARD, TEP, SGVS) that bringing opportunities to remote India by providing quality education.
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