Care for the Disabled

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      Empower Underprivileged Children 
“We know that equality of individual ability has never existed and never will, but we do insist that equality of opportunity still must be sought.”
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Work an Hour 2011

July 15- September 15
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     Care for the Disabled
Dear Asha Patron,   

We don’t often reflect about the numerous disabled children in India who live in extreme poverty. It’s depressing to think about perhaps the most underprivileged in society – children without means or health. The following organizations which Work An Hour supports, bring hope to such children every day. Please read on!


Differently abled children like Sonia who live in the poverty stricken slums of New Delhi rely on Astha for physiotherapy, counseling, speech therapy and even basic toilet training. Thanks to Astha, Sonia is now enrolled in a regular school. Astha also helps families cope with the emotional and financial strain of raising kids with special needs. Their goal is to support 25 such families. Donate Here

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The child of an alcoholic father, Deepak, could not walk properly, speak, or even hold a pencil. KWS rescued this boy and brought him to specialists. Today with the help of physiotherapy and guided education, Deepak can verbalize his thoughts and run on his feet! Like Deepak, Khushboo Welfare Society has given wings to many more children, mentally and/or physically disabled, and empowered them with education, confidence, and independence. Donate Here.

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Ram’s extremely poor parents couldn’t afford to send him to blind school and never thought that their son could make any achievements in life. Asha Deepa School came to his rescue, helped him learn Braille and become independent. Now, he has a newfound confidence and aspires to teach visually challenged persons. Help many other visually challenged children become independent and confident individuals. Donate Here.

Star clip Engineering manufactures and exports industrial clips to Germany. The remarkable thing is that children with mental disabilities help in the manufacturing of these clips. SSS institute in Nagpur supports 87 children and, takes care of their every detailed need. From daily tasks (brushing teeth) to vocational training (making rakhis), SSS helps these children depending on their varied levels of disabilityDonate here
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