Educate the neediest children of India

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Dear Asha Patron, 

Education is the movement from darkness to light 
~ Allan Bloom (Philosopher and Academic)
Don’t we often find ourselves engaged in stimulating conversations with our friends about the woes of India, and how we wish things were better? Haven’t we all dreamed that we had the power to alleviate poverty and illiteracy, eradicate child labor, and create a reality where everyone can reap the benefits of India’s enormous growth? Well, here’s our opportunity to make that happen.
Work An Hour! Donate an hour’s worth or more of your earnings towards these grassroots efforts in India that conscientiously tackle those very issues that directly impact the underprivileged among us.
Today we bring to you 6 projects which are dedicated to the cause of helping and educating the neediest children of India.
20 Projects
4,415 Students
Funds required: $248,000
Raised so far: $8,453 

Shoshit Seva Sangh
14 year old Pappu and his parents live in a Mushar (rat eaters) ghetto in Bihar. His father, a landless laborer, earns a meager wage. Pappu joined Shoshit Samadhan Kendra 4 years ago, exuded remarkable aptitude and has shown excellent academic performance ever since. Help other Mushar children get similar opportunities. 
Since Sukrupa’s (a project educating children in Bangalore’s slums) inception in 2002, the literacy rate in the local community has risen more than 20%. Two first generation learners are undergoing graduation in Accountancy and Animation respectively, while two others are exchange students in Salt Lake City, USA. With your donations, Sukrupa can serve more needy children.

Children in the red light areas of Mumbai have no escape from a life of constant sexual exploitation, economic deprivation and ostracism. Prerana provides a safe haven to such children. This organization runs a shelter home for girls, helps facilitate recovery and social reintegration for the victims of sex trafficking, and supports their education and vocational training.

Society for Women in Rural Development (SWIRD)
Since Asha’s involvement, the annual enrollment at SWIRD pre-primary schools has increased from 340 to 411 students. SWIRD counsels parents living in impoverished communities to educate their children (especially girls), prepares children for admission in primary schools, and also provides them medical care.

Aralu Belaku
Remote Karnataka has hundreds of orphans and destitute children, many forced into child labor to feed themselves. Aralu Belaku, an orphanage, provides these children a home as well as pre- primary education with emphasis on IT. The organization needs your support to give these children a chance in the world.

Siragu Montessori School
Murugan was unaware of a life beyond begging in Chennai’s streets, until Siragu happened in 2003. He is now a science whiz eloquent in 3 languages, with dreams of becoming a doctor. With WAH’s support, Siragu can cater to over 400 Murugans by constructing stable classrooms and functional science labs. 
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