Asha for Education presents Work An Hour 2011

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Dear Asha Patron,  
Most of us look for real meaning in our jobs. We aspire that our daily work product makes a lasting and positive impact on the world. The Work an Hour program (popularly known as WAH) from Asha for Education provides us with exactly that opportunity. Given the pressures of navigating through our hectic lives, it is often difficult to volunteer our time for charity. The WAH program allows us to symbolically volunteer an hour of our time by donating an hour’s worth (or more) of our salary. These donations directly empower underprivileged Indians by providing a much needed education and vocational training, and give them a fair chance at changing their lives for the better.  
Following 13 successful campaigns, Asha for Education is proud to present the 14th Work An Hour (WAH) campaign. Last year WAH received terrific support from patrons like you. We raised over $135,000 to support 13 projects that aided children’s education all over India. For a recap of WAH 2010’s fund utilization, please, click here
This year, we have carefully evaluated and selected 20 projects for funding through the WAH campaign. These projects require a total funding of about $250,000 and will support 4415 students spread across 70 schools. These projects serve the most vulnerable sections of India including orphaned girls, tribal women, disabled children, and children of landless laborers, sex-workers, and slum dwellers. Please keep in mind that such projects rely heavily on funding from patrons like you. The campaign will run from July 15th to September 15th 2011.  
For more information on these projects, please, click here.  
Asha for Education has been rated as a 4-star charity per Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator. Asha for Education has a zero overhead policy, where the less than 2% administrative expenses are covered with bank interest. As such, any inhibitions about your money being used inefficiently or wastefully can be laid to rest. Every last cent you donate will count, and be used directly towards the project(s) you support. Please see Charity Navigator 
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Empower Underprivileged India.

Work An Hour (WAH 2011)
Work An Hour (WAH 2011)

Mail Checks to: ‘Asha for Education’, PO Box 1287, Princeton, NJ  08542.
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