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Asha for Education’s Work An Hour (WAH) 2010 campaign features 13 projects across India aimed at catalyzing socio-economic change. Change is an uphill battle for the 10 million children with disabilities in India as they continue to be treated with indifference, pity and revulsion. Government schemes such as Integrated Education for Disabled Children reach out to only a fraction of affected children. In a society where the disabled child is looked down upon, ostracized and subject to discrimination even by their own parents, the two projects showcased below aim to give differently-abled children  the resources they need to break free of the confines of inequality.
By your contribution to WAH, these projects will receive much needed support to make a difference. At WAH, 100% of your contributions are utilized towards these projects. Every contribution counts. With only 3 weeks left in the campaign, take a minute now and contribute towards a better India and a better life for these children. Read on about these projects and feel free to contact us for more information.
13 Projects
28 Schools
2214 Children
Raised: $45,681  
Goal: $200,000


Ganjam District, Orissa

Set out to eliminate discrimination of disabled children in the Ganjam district of Orissa, Samarth educates the children with the aim of eventually bringing them into the fold of mainstream schools. Here, aside from the gift of education, children are offered free meals and residence. The project aims to train and educate the disabled children in order to eventually mainstream them into educational institutions and society. Liaison and interaction with the local schools to create awareness towards the needs of differentially-abled students and special teacher training to work effectively with these children have made this project very effective. Samarth gives disabled children a true second chance. Read more ….
Avalurpet, Gingee Taluk, Tamil Nadu
Harishka is a learning center serving Avalurpet and its surrounding villages in Tamil Nadu. Catering to approximately 30 children with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities, Hariksha teaches these children basic skills regarding hygiene, motor capacity, physical therapy, special education and more. The project is in a rural area with high incidence of mental disorders and a callous attitude from the society due to a lack of awareness. These children, who used to be ill-treated and seen as a burden are being taught basic life skills at Hariksha. The staff also conducts periodic workshops to increase awareness amongst  the parents and enables continuing care of these children when they return home from the learning center. Since its inception, the quality of medical care provided to children has consistently improved and the children show improvement in their daily activities.  Read more ….


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