Thank you for your support

We want to express our appreciation for your recent donation to Work An Hour (WAH) 2009. Your support means a lot to us, and we are sure the fifteen projects featured in WAH this year will benefit a great deal from your contribution. Your commitment to help educate the underprivileged children is greatly appreciated. Every dollar of your donation will be used in providing education to the poor and underprivileged children in India.

Did you know that your donation could be two times more effective with company matching funds? It is a policy in several companies, where the company matches their employees donation to registered non-profit organizations such as Asha for Education, effectively doubling your donation with no additional cost to you. If you have not yet requested company matching for your contribution, we request you to do so now. Please drop a mail to with your name, Company name and the address the matching check is mailed to for all matching contributions.

Please contact for more information.

Thank you for your generosity,

WAH 2009 team