Education is the best hope!

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Education is the best hope.

In the quest for higher literacy rates and overall development, remote areas of the country are often neglected.

While India overall, has made considerable improvements in education with average literacy rates now above 60%, there are still some parts of the country where the literacy rate is as low as 10% and less than 1 in 5 people have had any exposure to education. These are usually areas with poor access to formal education, where the nearest school is often just too far to reach.

More than anything else, spreading knowledge and opportunities empowers communities. Especially in areas such as these, where the fruits of education are largely unknown, the impact of educating one person goes far beyond helping just one family, it can benefit the entire community.

Work An Hour 2009 showcases three such projects and we need your contribution to continue supporting their commendable work and help them expand.

15 Projects, 7000 Children…
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Asha Darshan, Tamulpur, Assam
  • Located in Asha Darshanthe remote tribal areas near Indo-Bhutan border, a community that is beset by frequent insurgency activity and lack of adequate opportunities.
  • Supports 11 schools and 1300 students in various tribal villages.
  • Free education, study materials and mid-day meals for students.
  • Supports community through vocational training and support for self-help groups.

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Tribal Empowerment Project, Ukhrul, Manipur
  • Tribal Empowerment ProjectLocated in Leigangching, Ukhrul district of Manipur, a poverty-ridden area largely inhabited by tribal and dalit residents.
  • Started by Asha volunteers and a champion of tribal education T.H Joy.
  • The school caters to 500 students from grades K-7 serves tribes of all ethnicities of 13 villages providing quality education, mid-day meals and educational material.
  • Known for its high quality and the school’s achievement in topping the number of students securing admission to the prestigious Navodaya school system in the district.
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Vasista Mithila Vidyalayam, Mangamaripeta, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • WAH 2009 - VMVLocated in a rural hamlet near Mangamaripeta in Vishakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Community of fishermen and day traders with no fixed income.
  • No government schools in the area.
  • Classes til sixth standard supporting 150 students with plans to expand to higher classes.
  • School encourages parent involvement and community participation resulting in current high retention rates.
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Work An Hour is in the seventh week of campaign and you can help us reach the target and continue supporting these deserving projects.
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