WAH 2008 launched: Empowering Rural India- One child at a time.

So, if you didn’t know, WAH 2008 has been launched. If you are here, then you are in the right page for the right reason and for those who don’t know much about WAH, here is the short hand note on it.
Work an hour (WAH) is a campaign from Asha for Education that connects donors with children in India. As it stand, work an hour requests donors to donate one hour of your pay towards the cause. The theme changes every year, but always revolves around education, the core mandate of Asha. So whether you are working on minimum wage of (what ever that is in your country) $6.75 an hour or sending satellites into space and making $1000 a hour, your change can make change to these children in India.
So that’s the deal on it. If you are already sold on it, go here to donate , but if you are that tough one who needs more info, lets continue our journey….
This year’s, theme is Rural India- one child at a time. Very simple, isn’t it, but a very powerful dream too and it can not be achieved with out the support of people like you. This year there are 15 projects, 18 schools impacting 3000 children. As a donor you can select which project you want to support or donate in general. Our goal for 2008 is $200,000 and check who has donated so far (so that you can give a dollar more than your friends ;). So far about 113 people have donated $10,462 which is a good start, but we still have a long way to go.
The motivation for me to support the cause is very simple. It is only one hour of pay of my life, it is going towards a great cause of helping our children in rural India who don’t need our sympathy, but a little support to stand on their own and most importantly it is through a very reputable organization Asha for Education that has been given the highest four star rating by Charity Navigator, the charity watch dog.
100% fo your donation to Work an Hour go directly towards the selected projects. Keeping with Asha’s long-standing policy, Asha volunteers bear all administrative and operational expenses.
So there you go, all the right reasons to spare some change, that will bring change in the lives of children in rural India. Wah, wah kya bath hai, now donate to WAH by credit card online or cheque by mail. Canada residents donate here and UK residents donate here for your convenience.
What else, if you are still not convinced, send me an email and I will personally talk to you and clarify your doubts, no matter which part of the planet you are! hey, that’s my commitment to the project.

Vijay Sappani
on behalf of WAH 2008 and