Show me the money!

Hillary Clinton is running for President, so is Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and a myriad others for the coveted spot. The air is abuzz with campaigns and fundraisers. Millions of dollars have been raised and will be spent for a position that pays $150,000 dollars a year for four years with a $300,000 expense account. Hundreds of people working these campaigns, sheer amount of time spent in asking for more money and expensive TV advertisements. But that is politics.

Asha for Education runs a campaign every year averaging $150,000, a paltry amount by some standards. We don’t have hundreds of people working our campaigns and are counting on you. We only ask you to donate an hours worth of your time and rely on your advertising us word of mouth.

You still retain the power like the people and corporations that pour money into the coffers of the Presidential campaigns, to donate to a cause of your choice and control how we spend it. Contrary to the economics of a Presidential campaign our $150,000 proceeds raise millions of dollars worth by investing your controbutions in children’s education.

Help Empower. Work an Hour.