1 tea spoon ground pepper…

The folks a JugalBandi have written a very nice piece about the Work An Hour campaign. This last part caught my eye – not because it fuels my narcissistic tendencies – but because they have captured the spirit of the campaign and indeed Asha very well. A spirit that says that we’re all in this together and together we WILL find solutions to the issue of illiteracy and all its trappings. The excerpt below:

Our dearest friends who are active in Asha for Education easily spend 12-15 hours a week, plus a lot of personal resources to select, monitor and support their various projects. Just two days ago, one of them went on a month long visit to India. To him, “vacation” means spending one week with family, and three weeks touring India to support various Asha projects.

What they request of us is a tiny fraction of what they themselves contribute in terms of time and resources.

We, as members of the blogging community, have promised Asha and WAH to make this happen.

Think about this. We have hundreds of blogs on our blogrolls. That amounts to possibly, one or two hundred thousand combined hits a day.

If each of you, our fellow bloggers and readers, makes up your mind to donate an hour’s salary, and publicize this cause in your own little way, to family/friends/visitors to your sites, some child somewhere can stop working in a factory, a field, or someone’s home, and and start going to school.

You can read the post here.