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Education is not just schooling. Neither is it mere literacy. Education is empowerment. It is providing individuals the tools to understand the world they are living in – the many forces, man-made or otherwise that shape their everyday lives. It is creating awareness of their rights and privileges. It is providing them an ability to stand up for those.


In 2014, Asha supported 185 projects through our project partners in India. Here is a glimpse of the work done by a few of them.

Project Reports

Our Volunteers


As a fully volunteer-run non-profit, volunteers are the lifeline of Asha for Education. But what is the driving force behind such a commitment? A long time volunteer of Asha explains …


Asha volunteers routinely visit projects to gain ground-level perspectives and strengthen the ties with our project partners in India. This section features some reports written by volunteers about what they witnessed.

Site Visits



Fundraisers, Awareness events, Endurance training programs … the list of Asha events around the world goes on. Find out more about activities of Asha around the US and Europe.


Asha has always been committed to transparency – with all our financial and project information available on our website. Here are detailed reports on our finances for the 2014 Financial Year.

Financial Reports

A Case Study


An Asha project partner presents a case study on the status of education and people’s perception of formal education in bastis (slums) of Bhopal, India.

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Annual Report Team

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Thanks to all volunteers who contributed articles, photographs and other content for the Annual Report. Thanks to Suyash Shringarpure, Uttaraa Diwan and Satyajit Nath for proofreading the contents. Thanks to Nicole Ferriera for suggestions on Annual Report presentation. We would also like to thank every member of Asha for Education for their valuable inputs and suggestions.